Friday, June 17, 2011

Questions and answers - part 2

And I bring you part 2 :)

Can you take tablets after you have had the lap band?

This was one thing I was quite worried about as I thought it some things get stuck, surely tablets will too but, no, they don’t. I refer to my stomach as two parts now. The top part (above the band) is my smaller stomach and the part of my stomach under my band is my lower stomach. Things that go into the smaller stomach then move to the lower stomach through the small hole that the band has created. I believe that tablets are dissolve in the upper stomach and then flow through to the lower stomach. I take Swisse multivitamins and they are huge and never get stuck.
Is there anything you can’t do with the band?
I was told my by Surgeon that I shouldn’t do a sit ups. I have no problems following those instructions at all :) he said that it isn’t good as the tubing from the port to the band can get twisted and it’s not good for it. Other than that, I don’t think there’s many things that I can’t do other than over eat :)

I see lap banding as the easy way out…
I have included only part of this Person’s question as the rest was pretty much just an attack on larger people so I don’t feel as though it was relevant however, I did want to respond to this part. Lap banding is not the easy way out. It is one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. To readjust my eating every few weeks depending on how tight my band is, to make sure that I make sure I am getting enough of everything in the tiny portions that I have, to know that this is a life time commitment – not just something I can stop and start and to be prepared for things to go wrong (erosion, slippage, ports flipping etc…) is certainly not the preferable way of doing things. This is a last resort and prior to having your band during your first few appointments, your Surgeon will discuss this with you to make sure you understand the seriousness of having the surgery. Nope, not easy at all!

Will you have to have surgery to remove excess skin after you’ve lost your weight?
Yes, I think I will have to. Although I am training hard to make sure I am toned as possible but, under my arms are very flabby as is my ‘fatty apron’ (I hate that expression – it’s the lowest part of my stomach under my belly button). I may also have to have some on my upper legs as they look like I am the Michelan man at the moment. I will also get a boob lift at the end of it all as my boobs lost their war against gravity quite some time ago (and I guess breast feeding 4 kids didn’t help either!).

What’s your greatest achievement since losing your weight?
I imagine that this will change as the time goes on. At the moment, it’s being able to do my seat belt up and also get into the shower without having to take off one of the doors. It’s wanting to park those few car parks away from the shopping centre without dreading the walk and looking forward to a challenge. It’s knowing that if my train parks at the far end of the platform at Spencer Street Station, I am not afraid of the walk up the platform nor do I go to one shop at the shopping centre and drive down to the other end rather than walk. I think it’s things that most people can do but just don’t realise some people can’t. I also really enjoy having to buy new bras and undies as all the other ones are too big! It’s expensive (to lose weight) but, it’s worth every cent. The other I also feel privileged to be able to share my story with others and inspire them to make positive changes to their lives.

I know some people are selective on who they tell about their weight loss surgery, are you the same?
No! I tell anyone who will listen! I am not proud of the weight I got to but I am proud of the fact that I am doing something about it. I celebrate every success with my family and friends.

Are you nervous about your stair climb? Do you get to keep any of the money? What will your next challenge be?
Hmmm. Now that it’s getting a bit closer, I am starting to realise the amount of work I am going to have to put into it to get up the top but I am really looking forward to it. All of the money goes to the Cancer Council – you donate directly to them through this link as for my next challenge, I have no idea although I am open to suggestions :)

How do you pan on celebrating when you reach your goal?
I am going to have some kind of dinner, I think! I am going to invite everyone who has had something to do with my journey along the way and have a big party! One with no Chicken!

If you weren’t as heavy, would you still have written your blog?
I don’t think I would have. I had to think about this before answering it but, I think that perhaps I would have looked around to see if I was the heaviest before writing it! Although in saying that, when I started writing it, I didn’t know that I was the heaviest person I had met that had been banded. I am sure that I am the heaviest on the forum I am a member of ( and I know that I am the heaviest person my Surgeon has banded and I also know that I am the heaviest person my trainer has trained so, I guess if I can do it, so can everyone else.

So, that’s it for now! As I said at the start, there were a few questions that I am not going to answer because they were just rude and un necessary. I can’t believe the nerve of some people sometimes! If you want me to elaborate on anything, feel free to comment and I’ll answer it as best as I can :)

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