Saturday, June 25, 2011

I ran... again!

I haven’t blogged for a few days – I have been so busy! 

I’m still on a bit of a high from my running on Tuesday.  And although I did it again yesterday during my PT session, I am still amazed at how I did it.  And how I can obviously do it again!

I’ve had a great week.  On Thursday, Trish and I were members of ‘The Circle’s’ studio audience.  It was so exciting!  The girls are all stunning and Chrissy is so tall!  I was a bit star struck for a while.  There are only 40 spots for Audience members.  It’s the first time I’ve ever been to a live screening of a Television show (or any show for that matter).  It’s interesting to watch what goes on behind the scenes.  We walked away with a free Masterchef magazine and a free CD :)

After we’d finished there, I went to work.  I had planned on doing the stairs before actually doing anything so, I got in and got dressed in my gym stuff and started my stairs.  I must have looked rather interesting.  I had my towel (hot pink, of course) tucked in the front of my top, my asthma stuff down the right hand side of my pants, my drink bottle was tucked into the right hand strap of my bra and my iPhone was tucked into the other side of my bra.  I saw many people as I walked the stairs.  I had to go from the 2nd floor up to the 11th, out of the stairwell to the lift, down to the 2nd floor again and then back up.  I did this 3 times over.  I was hot, sweaty, tired, sore but pleased that I’d accomplished what I had set out to do.  I went down stairs and had a shower and every time I got up, I felt the ache.  Ouch.

That night, I went to ‘getting jiggy for genetics’ which is an event organised to raise money for genetic cancer research.  I was very pleased that I won 2 of the items that I had bid on in the silent auction.  I had a great night with my friends.  I didn’t get home until quite late (1.30ish) and was a bit worried how I’d pull up the next day for work and my PT session.

I got up at 5.15am when my alarm went off and got ready to go to the gym.  I felt like death warmed up.  I seriously felt shitty.  I was so tired!  I hadn’t been drinking the night before (I don’t think 2 half glasses of champagne counts as drinking) but, I felt every ache from the stairs the day before.  Michael got me to do some lunges and some step ups (ouch) and he got me to do some upper body stuff.  He also got me to do some running.  I ran at 8kph.  It may have been 8.1.  I did it for a minute and a half.  I was so proud but exhausted. 

How I got through yesterday, I will never know.  I left work at 4.40pm and headed home.  I’ve been having shakes the past few days for meals but last night, I had nachos.  When I say nachos, I mean about 5 corn chips covered in avocado!  Not a whole plate of stuff.  I still felt bloated afterwards.

Today, I am up!  I am still tired and know that I need to have an early night.  I have got so much cleaning to do today :/ I don’t have the energy or desire to do much at all.  I thought I might go to the gym later on during the day.  I might just go for a swim to keep everything moving.

I am happy that after doing 27 flights of stairs that I know I am going to be able to make it up on the day of the 22nd of July.  I ended up holding onto the left hand rail and using my hand to scale up the wall.  I am going to have to plan my outfit on the day for sure as the tracksuit pants I wore make me really hot.  It looks like shorts or leggings :/ either way, I’ll be doing a few more flights before the big day to make sure I am totally prepared.  I have raised a fair bit in the past few days.  Thank you to everyone who has donated so far – I really appreciate it :) here is the link to donate if you haven’t already and you’d like to
And for those who have said they can’t donate but want to be able to do something else – simply spread the word!  Letting people know about what I’m doing would be wonderful so that we can raise awareness.

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend :)

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