Thursday, June 9, 2011

56.7kg GONE!

I had my weigh in today! I was too nervous to eat! I was a little bit late for my appointment but got there eventually.

I sat down and Jason asked me how I’d been going. I told him about the fact that I was a bit nervous and that I had eaten Chocolate :/ like, a whole small Toblerone. I told him about my stair climb and how I’ve been training hard at the gym in the last few weeks for it. I told him how it’s strange being weighed every 6 weeks rather than every week as you have to track back to pin point where you went wrong along the way if things weren’t as they should be! Then the moment arrived… the scales.

I don’t really know how to read his scales. It has a slidey thing and makes a loud bump noise when I stand on them. He fiddled with them for a bit and said he was very impressed. I don’t think I was standing on them properly as he went from very impressed to wondering ‘how could you have lost so much’. I think it ended up that my tummy was too close to the pole that measures your height and it wasn’t giving an accurate reading. He got me to turn around and then things started doing what they should be.

He told me that I weighed 186.3kg. I nearly cried! I was so happy that I was under 187kg. This is what I wanted to achieve. We worked out that I have lost 56.7kg since the start of my journey. I am so proud of myself. He put another .3ml into my band (not sure how much is in at the moment – will have to ask him next time I go in) and sent me on my way.

I had to go straight to the Gym after I got home. I told Michael of my results and he was really pleased. I said to him that I’d love to aim to lose 10kg in this 6 week period. I reckon I can do it. I am really going to focus on my eating. I also need to concentrate on my exercise as when I look at my exercise log, I have been a bit slack in the past month. Time to get back on board. I’ll go to the Gym on Saturday and I’ll make sure I go as much as I can during the week next week. I don’t have another PT session until Thursday next week so, I need to keep up with everything.

I also had an appointment with my Psychiatrist today. He hasn’t seen me for some Months. I still see him although I’m not on medication or anything anymore for the depression I had some time ago. It’s good to have a 20 minute vent. He said to me he hardly recognised me :) it was really good to see someone that I haven’t seen for ages (and someone who hasn’t seen photos of me) notice such a change. There’s still a few of my Family members who I’d love to catch up who I haven’t seen for around a year.

I feel so empowered.  So proud of myself.  Like I'm ready for round whatever it is.  I want to get to 85kg.  And to that from where I was means that I have to have lost 158kg.  I have 101.3kg left to goal.  I'm a third of the way there :)

So, there you have it. 56.7kg. Gone. When I Google 57kg to see what this looks like, I find links to ‘the fattest Child in China’, just over 11 5kg bags of potatoes from the Supermarket, 205 litre mini bar fridge, over 4 slabs of VB and now that I think about it, it’s the weight of my 12 year old Son! Go me!

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