Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Out with the old...

Aaahhh, Tuesday. It’s the day that I spend at home with the babies. They are little monsters. In the past few weeks on a Tuesday, they’ve participated in such activities as emptying the vacuum cleaner dust bag in the toilet (they were helping), drawn on themselves with texta, emptied out their drawers in their bedroom, fought about silly things – my Tuesdays are never the same! At least their TV show will give me half an hour to do something other than Housework.

We’re going to go for a walk after they’ve watched ‘Yo Gabba Gabba’. I’ll put a load of towels on ad then we’ll get into the Sunshine and walk up to the shops. They love sitting in the pram. I was thinking of detouring the park on the way there so that we don’t have to stop. We’ll go on the way back instead. It’s such a beautiful day today.

I have got SO MUCH washing to do. I am hoping I get through a fair bit of it today. If time allows, I am going to go through my Wardrobe and have a throw out. I have lots of clothes that don’t fit (they’re either too big or too small) and I really want to start a fresh. Some of the Clothes I’ll be sad to see go – there is a Purple Cardigan that I used to love wearing (I got it from a place called Igigi) but it is just s big on me now. It looks awful on me as it’s making me look bigger than what I am.  I loved that Cardigan :(

There are things that I’ll never throw out like the black pants that I have lived in for the past 8 months. I can’t wait to stand in one leg and wrap the other one around me. I also have a pair of jeans that when the button broke off because they were too small, I used a piece of Elastic to tie them together. I’ll never wear these again but they are a something I want to keep as a memory of how desperate I’d get to wear them. In all fairness, the jeans ‘broke’ when I was pregnant with the twins – it wasn’t a weight issue at that stage but, when I went to put them on after I had the twins, they didn’t fit. That was almost 3 years ago.

Some of my top are like dresses on me. They are so long. And just lilke with the black pants, I am going to have to stop wearing them soon. I have to pull my black pants up to just under my boobs as they are so long because there’s not as much tummy to cover. They are not flattering at all. I do have some smaller black pants but they feel like leggings but they make me look so much smaller. And I don’t worry about them feeling down or stepping on the bottoms of them resulting them coming down.

I also have several pairs of jeans that my friend in Sydney (Bec) sent me years ago. They have been waiting patiently in the bottom drawer to be worn. I promised her I would send her a pic of me in them – that pic is still coming, honey xo I also have a few bags of clothes that Linda has given to me and when I got them, I went through them thinking that it will be ages until I get to wear that but in fact, it’s only been a few months. I can’t believe how quickly my body has changed. So, I shall replace the old with the new and then things might start to seem a little bit more real.

I have started on the shakes again. The band is a bit too tight for normal food to go down so, I am having Tony Ferguson as there is a whole lot more variety and they make me feel quite full for a long time. Cath gave me some to try and I had the Coffee one and it was so nice. I shall have a Chocolate one today, I think.

I am wondering what I weigh… not standing on the Scales is quite annoying. It is exciting though waiting to see how well I’ve done. And I will do my measurements in a few weeks too.I can’t believe that the nightmare I was on is finally turning into a dream. It doesn’t seem real. It’s hard work but, it’s worth it. Every day is so precious. And at the moment, every day reveals new things that I didn’t notice the day before. I think I’ve said it before but, I can’t remember the last time I felt this good. Both mentally and physically. I am so proud of where I am now.

Off to put those towels on and then off for a nice walk to buy stuff for tea – for them its Vegetable Lasagne. For me it’s soup :) hope everyone is having a great day xo shall write again on Thursday after my PT Session. I want him to push me really hard this week. Shall let you know how I go.

P.S – My blog has almost had 12,000 hits. There is an average of 60 readers a day. 2 of the most popular google search words have been’ Dr Jason Winnett’ and ‘fataphobic Doctors’ :) and I even have an audience in South Africa!

P.P.S – Congratulations Nye and Brad on your Wedding :) so pleased for both of you xo


  1. If you want to offload some and you need someone to give themm to I will take the off your hands. Have Inboxed you on the forum.

  2. Thanks Steph, we are so happy to finally hae the deal sealed thank you for your support through all our tough times you are amazing xxx Love Nye and Brad xxxx

  3. Thank you, honey xo send me through those details as well xo Carmen - I am not sure what I am doing with the Clothes yet. I have a few friends who U will offer them too before I do anything else with them. Ta for the message though :) xo