Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I am sick :(
When I am sick, I am such a pain in the butt.  I am grumpy, annoying, short tempered, high maintenance and I am one of these people for whatever reason end 90% of my sentences with ‘I’m feeling so sick’.  I add that even if it’s totally off topic.  I am not even sure why I do this.  It’s not so that I can play the victim, it’s not even for pity – I think it’s just so that people are aware that I am not well.
So, today, when it’s my second and a half day off work, I am sitting here, feeling sick.  I haven’t been for a walk, I am not excited about my PT session tomorrow – I am not even sure if I should go to my PT session tomorrow.  I have no energy, no taste and no sense of smell and I am sleeping HEAPS.
This morning, to top it off, I found that my new Licence had been sent in the mail (something that I had been dreading having done and something I have been dreading arriving in the mail).  I opened it and I got annoyed at what I see.  I hate my photo.  I know that I can get it replaced in a few years (or even months if I so choose) but, it’s still the fact that I look the way I do.  I know that my look is changing as well. 
To make myself feel better, I got my last license photo (taken 10 years ago at the ripe old age of 21 in 2001) and put it below my work pass which is the middle photo (taken March 2010) and then put my new License photo on top of that.  I did feel a bit better about myself after looking at them this way.  And when I take into consideration the fact that NONE of them are good photos, that makes me feel a little bit better as well...

I also weighed myself today.  I haven’t put on nor have I lost.  This is good considering I have spent the last few days drinking juice.
I also found my big tape measure!  I am going to get my measurements up.  I know I have said this a thousand times but, it is time.  I wish I had done this at the start when I was at my heaviest.  Who would have known my tape measure would have been in my sewing box?  I would never have thougt to have started looking there…
Hope everyone is well xo

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