Thursday, March 17, 2011

First fill done!

My first fill is done and dusted! Apart from the fact I think it’s too tight…

I had no idea what I was worried about!

I went in to see Dr Winnett and he was running late (as usual!). He called me in and I sat down. He asked me how I’d been going, how much I was eating, when I was hungry at night after I’d had dinner and how I was going regarding exercise.

I told him I was not excited about having a fill as though I needed one as I couldn’t feel any restriction at all.  He asked me to jump up onto the bed and I needed to lay on top of a pillow that was folded in half (this went under the arch of my back). He got some things out of his Cupboard (I didn’t want to look – I had seen enough on YouTube!) and I asked him to let me know when he was going to put the needle in. He asked me to put my hands behind my head and do a half sit up. He poked and prodded for a while and then he said something like ‘sharp sting’ and I didn’t feel a thing. Nothing. Nothing at all. I was quite shocked. Happy that it didn’t hurt but shocked!

He told me there was a total of 5ml in my band as he had put 2.5ml in at the time of my Surgery. My band takes 10ml.

I was also weighed. You may remember last time I saw him, according to my scales, I was under 200kg however, on his, I was 218 or so. He told me that today I am 197.8kg which according to his scales, I have lost 40kg since August. I am starting to think his scales may be right as he has said to me a few times that he is certain I was over the 222.9kg. I might find out exactly how much he said weighed the first time I saw him. Perhaps at that time, I was in denial. I am pleased that I have lost much weight. I can’t wait to see how I go from here.

I went out to settle my account and had a sip of water (they like to make sure everything is going through nicely) and my water didn’t go down very well. I blamed it on the fact I had a sip of my boost juice before I had the sip of the water. I had to sit for 10 minutes. The water felt as though it was going down but very slowly. Since then, I have felt a bit ‘ick’ o, I am keeping an eye on how everything goes and have been advised to call the Surgery tomorrow I I can’t keep anything down tonight. I am going to just have some soup a I think that’s all that will go down :/

Am SO PROUD of my efforts. I have worked so hard to get where I am. I am looking forward to see how I go in the coming weeks.

My next appointment with him is in 6 weeks.

Thank you everyone for your encouragement over the past few days! The lead up to today has been a bit scary!

Here is the link to my first fill... please note that before viewing this video, there is a tiny bit of blood and a big needle - keep this in mind if you are squeemish!  It's not a close up though (if that makes it eaiser to stomach - pardon the pun!).


  1. Babe you are doing so so well. 40kg is absolutely amazing!

  2. i reckon he is right. i think uve lost more than 20 something kgs. youve changed so much. esp in your face. good on you babe. if its too tight go back tomoz. loves u xox