Thursday, March 3, 2011

Another .4kg kilos gone :)

Today was a very productive day.  I weighed in this morning – I weighed in at 196.2kg.  This is only  a .4kg loss.  I actually thought it was more than that until I entered it into my thingy on my iPhone (a program called ‘Target Weight’).  I am stoked at the .4kg loss.  Even though it’s not as much as what I normally loose, it’s coming up for ‘that time’ (girl’s business) for me and that always makes me bloated and this is reflected when I weigh in.
I managed to put my socks and shoes on today for the first time in I can’t remember when.  It took me some time to get my socks on (like 10 minutes) and I didn’t think I would be able to do my shoe laces up however I ended up doing them up at he gym.  I was almost in tears when I was struggling to put the socks on but I just kept on going.  My face felt so red with anger and upset.  I know that I am making changes and I know that I am doing things so that I can lose my weight but it’s just these little things that I have to overcome before I feel ‘human’ again.  I want to reclaim my life.  I have never felt so determined to do so before after getting those socks on.
I had my 2nd personal training session with Michael today.  Last week was a walk in the park compared to this week.  I walked for 4 minutes lifting dumb bells every few steps (I think they were 3kg each?  I forgot to ask).  He then got me to do 3 minutes of stepping up and down on that bloody step.  This was a bit easier this week but, I had to do it for longer and he got me to add a step into it which made me look more unco than usual as well!  It was fun though.  I then got to do some boxing which was great.  I was going to do it as hard as I could but I am happy that I didn’t due to the fact that I wouldn’t have had any energy to do the other 3 rounds of the circuit!  I really enjoyed todays session and look forward to seeing him weekly.  Even though we are limited in what we can do, he certainly knows how to keep me moving and how to make the session fast paced.  He also says some really motivating things which keeps me going. 
I was wearing a singlet top that kept riding up a little bit showing my tummy.  This is not something I enjoyed.  I said to Michael that I’d have to put on a longer top for next week so I don’t have to keep pulling it down.  Torward the end, I couldn’t give a damn that it was riding up.  I was just focussed on getting through the session.  There weren’t many people at the gym but, I am always conscious of people seeing my belly!
Afterwards, I had to fill out a new direct debit form and my arms were like jelly again!  It took me a bit to fill out the form but, I did get there eventually.  I came home, sat down and fell asleep in the chair because I was EXHUASTED!  I am really looking forward to next week.
I went for a walk tonight with the Boys.  I think I’ve mentioned before that I use ‘MiCoach’ on my iPhone to keep track of the distance, time, calories burned and average KPH.  Tonight, we ended up getting lost.  I think I was a bit too much ‘in the zone’ just walking along and I missed my turn off.  It was already starting to get dark.  I ended up using my GPS to find our way out as everything looks different when it’s PITCH BLACK!  I am happy that we missed our turn as we got to pat some dogs (one of them a Pug!).  This made my night.  We walked 2.8km in 44 minutes.  I averaged a kilometre every 15.02 minutes.  I am pretty pleased with this.
Today my Bathers arrived.  Trish found some really nice Bathers on Ebay and I bought a pair after seeing how good hers looked.  I haven’t yet tried them on but it’s good that I have them there ready for when I want to use them.  I shall do so within the next week.  I was planning on doing the aqua class at the Gym last week but this never eventuated as I would have ended up swimming in some really heavy shorts and a T-Shirt.  I’ll still wear a T-Shirt over the bathers but they’ll be a lot lighter than the alternative.
I also had to lay some items of clothing to rest the other day.  My Undies.  Sigh.  They no longer fit me.  They are VERY loose and looked like nappies and they kept falling down.  I ended up buying some new ones from Ebay (another Trishy find!) and they are SO comfy.  They come in gorgeous patterns and I feel great when I wear them.  I haven’t been able to get anything than white, black or pastel coloured undies for years.  I was able to get some stripy ones, some champagne glass ones, some red ones and some hot pink ones.  It’s nice to finally have some variety :) I am going to have to go Bra hunting as well in the next few weeks as these ones are starting to get too loose.
I was SO proud of myself yesterday.  I work in Melbourne Central and the train station is underground.  Platforms 3 and 4 are under platform 1 and 2 and my train stops on Platform 4 which means there are 2 levels that the really long escalator passes.  On Wednesday, I got on the Escalator and stared walking.   Rule of thumb with the Escalators in the City – if you are planning on just standing and going for the ride, stand on the left.  If you are planning on walking up them, stay on your right.  I stayed on the right and started walking.  I was the first one on them which I was rather pleased with so I wouldn’t have to worry about having to push past people as I walked up.  2 people walked past me and they quickly realised that I was walking quicker than them so they stood to the left and let me past.  When I go to the top, I kept up my pace as I walked to get my morning Coffee and as I was waiting, I felt short of breath.  I was SO PROUD of myself for walking up them.  I did the same when I had to change platforms at North Melbourne station – I walked up them.  I don’t walk down them as I have the fear of tripping and falling but up is something I can do :)
So, I’m off to bed early tonight.  I really feel like I accomplished a lot today.  I am happy that I went for my walk tonight and I will do the same tomorrow night.  So long as I stay in the swing of it, it shouldn’t be too hard to keep going.
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  1. Stephanie, im reading your blog after seeing the Bullshit in the news paper. Im a larger women too, and i just can't believe that people think this way. I too have experienced it, and just want to smack the idiots down!!

    I was wondering what brand you got in bathers and the underwear so i too can track some down! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Aqua, and have bathers (tankini) but they ride up on my tummy which i HATE! I think you have done fantastic so fair and im going to keep reading so i get the latest!

    You go girl!!

  2. Hi Samantha,

    Happy you have stumbled across my blog. Hope you enjoy it :)

    I currently wear my Husband's boxer shorts and a tank top in the water - nothing too exciting. My friend did let me know of a place that makes bathers that have cheap postage - I'll grab the link off her again and shall post it up here for you.

    Steph xo