Wednesday, March 23, 2011

TGTDINO! (Thank God the day is nearly over!)

Phew. So happy today is over!
 I have got so much on my mind at the moment. I have things going on at work, things going on at home and just things going on in general. Today has been a long day! Happy were nearly at the end of it!

I just got back from the Gym. I am not able to see Michael tomorrow (my personal trainer) as I have to go into work. When I left work today, I really felt the need to get rid of some excess energy. Now that I am totally better, there is nothing stopping me :) when I got the Gym, I wanted to do some boxing. I have found that boxing with Michael is fantastic It gets my heart rate up, I get to punch something and I really feel it the next day. The room that the punching bag is in was being used so, I settled for the treadmill. I set it for half an hour on the fat burner program and I pressed start and I went for it. I walked so fast and I was SO puffed. I keep the display covered with my towel so I can’t see how long I have left to go as sometimes it’s disheartening. I took the towel off when I felt like I couldn’t do a lot more. It said 2.12 minutes left. So, I bumped the speed up and I walked as fast as I could. It was almost jogging.

In the car, I took an action shot. Yes, I look quite miserable, hot and sweaty but, it’s a result of a good work out. I feel so much better now. My head is clearer and I managed to sort a lot of stuff out just by putting my head down and walking hard and fast. It was VERY therapeutic. Just what I needed. 

I was proud of myself today. I SO wanted Breadtop. SO badly. I wanted the cheese stick and the vegie toast and the naan bread. Yum. I got there and decided rather than going there, I would go and get my hair cut. Something I have been wanting to do for a while but, haven’t gotten around to. The lady could see me right away and said she’d be able to do it in 20 minutes. My hair looks great and it’s going to be so much easier to manage - especially in the mornings when I have to wash it. It should no longer take 5 minutes! Piccy below…

I have a Doctors appointment tomorrow morning as I am pretty sure I have Kidney Stones :/ I had gall stones 10 years ago and I had the same type of pain on my left hand side. It hurt a lot. I’ll go and see my Doctor before I go to work and get it sorted out. I wonder if Dr Winnett does Kidney stones? Hmmm. Shall have to find out…

I am still getting such a great response from my last blog. I am so pleased that I am able to inspire those around me. I don’t think I’ve ever been in this kind of position before where I am able to motivate people to make a difference in their lives. I am proud of everyone who has taken that step, no matter how big or small it is. I value the comments, Emails and feedback that I get and I keep each and every one. I had someone ask me some questions the other day. If you ever have anything you want to ask, feel free to shoot me an Email – I have been asked all sorts of questions so, feel free to ask away!

Relay for life is in 2 weeks! I am SO excited. I am really looking forward to it. Yes, I have given this link before but, if you can sponsor me or want to leave a message on my wall, please go to

It’s normally weigh day tomorrow but I have stopped weighing myself as my scales don’t match up with Dr Winnett’s and I think it’s a bit exciting waiting to see how much I am at the next appointment. I will do my measurements mid month next month though.

Hope everyone is well :)

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  1. woot fantastic hon.. well done on putting the head down and working out.. puts me to shame :)

    nice work and nice pics too.. doesn't it feel good to see results of hard work? :)

    Anne - lose2live