Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Perhaps TMI for some...

It's been an interesting few days.  Sore to say the least...

On Sunday night, I had a really strong pain in my chest.  I couldn't breathe properly at all and found it hard to even take a full breath.  I went down to the local Emergency department where they did an ECG which came up fine.  My blood pressure was a bit high but all of my other stats were fine.  They suggested that I go straight to the Hospital.  As I had to drop Lachlan off for his first day of Year 8 the following day (not to mention the Twins were starting Kinder), I decided that seem as the pain had settled a little bit, I would just make an appointment with my GP, which I did.  I saw him at 3.30ish on Monday and he said that he believed the pain was to do with my band as it is in the rib and left hand chest area.  He ordered a chest X Ray which I couldn't have until the following day so, I went home.  He also gave me some strong pain killers.

That night, the pain got worse and worse.  My ribs were sore, my tummy was sore, I couldn't take a full breath again - it was horrible.  I ended up going to Epworth where they gave me some much needed pain relief.  They also took some X Rays and bloods.  I was in and out of it all night.  I was told that I was dehydrated so they started a drip.  My blood test came back fine but my X Ray came back saying that I was constipated.  I thought I was the complete opposite but, apparently I have fecal impaction.  Hmmm.  Basically, I'm full of shit! But I know that there are many people who could have told me that for nothing.

I ended up staying in at Epworth for the night and was supposed to see Dr Winnett today but, I slept through my alarm.  I will see him tomorrow at 11 and will work out a plan from then.  I am going to go and see a dietitian as well, I think.

I had a barium swallow yesterday and had 2ml removed from my band (I think there was 5ml in there).  This was supposed to stop the pain but I am still having it.  I am keeping away from the really strong pain killers as I end up being very, very woozy and can't function.  It's quit odd though that the pain killers I need to take are the ones that can make you constipated! 

So, that's it at this stage.  I am still here - just very, very uncomfortable.  I am going to sit down and review my diet and am going to try really hard to include as much fibre as possible.  Although I have been eating quite well, I haven't been putting as much thought into it as what I used to.  I have so many books that I can use (designed specifically for lap banders) and I plan on starting with them tomorrow.  But for now, I go to bed and try to sleep!

Thank you to everyone who sent me messages to find out if I was okay xoxo it's appreciated :)


  1. So happy you are okay. I had the same thing and I'm a sleeve. Get in touch if you have any questions.

  2. You are one of the most amazing people I have ever known and I hope all goes well tomorrow for you x