Saturday, February 18, 2012

12 days to go :)

12 days to go until Surgery.  I have had a rather productive day.  I have been cleaning a lot and mainly folding clothes.  It's great to have a lot of energy and be pain free especially after I've been uncomfortable for so long.

I am trying to work out how to make things a bit easier for me when I get home.  I also need to remember what I packed in my bag before going to Hospital.  I have written a list here as some other people might find it handy.  Given the fact that I expect I won't have any complications (like last time), I packed lightly.  I didn't need a lot - I was more interested in trying to count how many fingers I had rather than struggling with the difficulty of keeping awake due to the pain killers although in saying that, it's nice to have some things just in case of being distracted.

My bag for Hospital will inlcude

2 pairs of soft PJ pants
2 light tops
2 bras or crop tops (and if you can, bras that do up at the front are awesome so you don't have to stretch)
Thongs (I HATE slippers but if you're a slipper person, this is where you would put slippers!)
Shower gel and sponge (or soap if you're a soap person)
Mobile phone (and charger!)
Books or Magazines
iPad or Kindle or some other kind of electronic amusement
Pen and pad (so you can write anything down that you might want to ask your Doctor)
Water bottle (saves having to keep reaching for the jug and pouring a glass)
Barley sugars or some other lolly to keep your blood sugar happy
A book about lap banding - this ends up almost being like a manual to your band and what to expect
Loose fitting clothes to go home in

I think that's about all I took last time.  I spent most of the time in my undies and a Hospital Gown but anything you wear, it's nice to have loose fitting as you don't want anything too tight like jeans.  The lowest incision is on the belly button so even some daggy granny undies or boxer shorts are ideal so that they don't cut in or make you feel uncomfortable.  Remember - we are having surgery, not starring in the Victoria's Secret runway show (yet...).

It's going to be a busy week in my household the week after I've had surgery.  I am going to preplan and cook all of the meals (where possible) so that we are as organised as possible.  I am not allowed to drive for around 2 weeks (this does vary between surgeons).  It is also important to keep up your fluids after the surgery so that everything continues to work well. 

I am lucky this time around that I know what to expect after banding.  I am going to have to do the 2 weeks of fluids, then 2 weeks of mushies (baby food texture) then normal foods.  I am going to plan out what I am going to eat - last time I had very little idea of what I would feel like or want - this time I know to make the soup BEFORE going into Hospital and freeze it rather than making it the day I come out (ouch!).

Back to cleaning I suppose...

And if you haven't already, please consider making a donation to my relay for life which is this weekend.  Every cent helps :)

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