Tuesday, February 28, 2012

2 sleeps until surgery!

2 sleeps until Surgery!  I haven't really thought about it that much (despite the Countdown on Facebook).  And I'm not really worried about it.

I lost 3.8kg this week - I am sure that was due to the relay for life on the weekend (shall update about that later - think I have a guest blogger to tell of their amazing achievements!).

I know I have said this a lot but I really look forward to getting back to where I should be which is back on track. 

Over the weekend, I spoke to several people who have had gastric sleeve and if this band doesn't work and I have to end up having a third, I will have a sleeve for sure.  I know that it works.  It's just a matter of weighing up the risks at the moment and the risks for me at this point in time are a little too much.  Thank you so much to everyone who has given me advice and suggestions over the past few weeks.  I really appreciate it xo

I shall update everyone with how my surgery went on Friday - I will be way too groggy to write anything on Thursday night (although it would be a funny read!).  I expect to be in a fair bit of pain like I was last time and have stocked the fridge with things that are friendly for me to have like I said I was going to.  I also have some good DVD's to watch whilst I recover.  I don't plan on sitting on my butt for too long.  I shall go for a little walk on Monday so long as I am feeling okay.  I plan on getting back into it right away.

I'll weigh myself on Thursday morning before I go to the Hospital and look forward to seeing how well I've done in the 2 weeks that I am on fluids for.  I am hoping for a fantastic loss.

See you on the other side...

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