Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Melton Relay for Life 2012

This Relay for Life was my 3rd Relay and although I probably shouldn't have done it, I did.  I did (give or take) 21 laps.  I was keeping track on my phone with my lap counter however, didn't add in some at the start or a few at the end.  I know that I am still feeling it a bit and it's 2 days on!  It was an amazing experience and I'm looking forward to the next one that I participate in which will probably be Frankston (unless someone ropes me in earlier).

I have an amazing friend named Terral.  It was her first Relay for Life this year.  I asked her if she didn't mind writing something up about her experience.  She has been on such a fantastic journey over the past 12 months.  I am so proud of her.  And I was so inspired by the challenge that she set for herself and how she accomplished it...

Hi! My name is Terral. On the 26th February 2012 I participated in my very 1st Relay for Life due to my friendship with Stephanie. In June 2006, my life was affected by Cancer with the passing of my father who had been diagnosed 3 months prior. But this challenge wasn’t just about my support for the Cancer Council but also my fight against obesity, which has been documented can contribute to the Cancer gene. I have struggled with my weight from childhood. But in saying that there were people around me who accepted me for the way I was & who I was. Yes, I copped a heap of torment going thru school, at home from my brother & worst of all, my mother. Losing my father so suddenly was a culture shock to do something about my weight. I lost it & found it again. More recently with the added incentive & inspiration of Stephanie, I have managed to lose some weight over the last 10 month period . So, I set myself the challenge to complete 36 laps of the Melton Tabcorp Park trotting track which is 1.04 kilometres in length & therefore would equate to 37.44 kilometres in the 18 hour period of the Relay for Life event. For someone who hadn’t really been to active previously I considered this was a large feat. How did I come to this goal? Well I guess it was abit of a mistake. I considered with the event starting at 4pm on the Saturday & finishing on the Sunday at 10am that it was only a 6 hour period (10 minus 4). It was a long day at work & the brain was fried. As per the literature we received on the Monday night prior it stated that a lap would take between 7 – 12 minutes to complete.  Therefore, I considered I should be able to complete a lap in 10 minutes meaning 6 laps an hour for 6 hours making my goal 36 laps. Being more realistic, it took me approximately 12 - 15 minutes to complete each lap. The heat of Saturday 38 degrees was nearly my undoing after only 8 laps which were completed in internals of 2, 2 & 4 when I felt light headedness. A lay down & rehydration with glucose & electrolytes solved this along with water. I wasn’t going to let down my team or those people who had sponsored me. Beside me along the way for the greater proportion of my laps was my boyfriend who doesn’t exercise for any reason or 1 of my friends who had surgery within the last fortnight. Laps 32, 33, 34 & 35 I pounded the track by myself but the last lap my fellow team members joined me to celebrate my achievement. Thank you again it was the encouragement I needed to do that last lap. All our lives are destined to be touched by someone who suffers from cancer & would recommend supporting the cause to anyone.

I am putting Terral's link to her Relay for Life donation page below so that you can donate if you'd like.  I still can't believe she did 36 laps.  She had a pace on her as well!  When we did the last lap with her. we were all in agony but she was strutting along.  It was amazing to study our silhouette's in the sunshine as well.  She has the most gorgeous curves and looked like a super model as she was walking down the track.  I am so inspired by her. 

Thank you to Terral, Jeff, Ricky, Sarah, Lachlan and Callum for being part of the Melton Relay for life 2012.  It was fantastic to do it with you and can't wait until we do it again.  Proud of you, honey xoxo

Here is Terral's donation link - click on it!  I will be...


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  1. My inspiring daughter seems to surround herself with inspiring people. Well done, Terral. Steph has told me what an amazing person you are. Thirty six laps - particularly in that weather - is mind-blowing.