Monday, January 30, 2012

It does take two hands to handle a whopper... I'd forgotten that...

No one is perfect.  I get that.  But today I was very naughty.
I ate a whopper with cheese and onion rings and sipped on a small coke.  This is the first really bad take away meal that I have had for ages.  And it took me so long to eat.  And I didn’t even feel bad afterwards!  I am really looking forward to getting my fill as I have started to feel hungry over the past few weeks.  I see Dr Winnett next Wednesday.  It can’t come quick enough.

I haven’t done any exercise in the last week.  It’s been more of a time factor more than anything.  I am very time poor at the moment but the good thing is, I seem to be losing weight and although I haven’t done an official weigh in, pants are a lot looser and tops are starting to hang off me when they used to be skin tight. 

The bullying hasn't stopped.  I got called a Whale the other week.  When I look at who called me a Whale, I realize how much they need help!  I don't know where these people come up with such inventive names.  And wouldn't you think they'd be realistic at least?  It's pathetic.  And people who do such things must have horrible, miserable lives.  It's sad and I feel deeply sorry for them.

I am going to ask Dr Winnett to refer me to a Psychologist on Wednesday.  There are a lot of fantastic Psychologists out there who deal with weight related issues and I think part of this journey is not just the physical but also the emotional and I think that I’ve now gotten to a point where I need a bit of help on all playing fields.  I’d like to know why I got where I did.  And I want to tackle the issues as there seems to be a roadblock in front of me at the moment that I am really trying to past but can’t.  I’m pretty sure everyone gets to that point somewhere along the way.

I celebrated my 32nd birthday last Monday :) it was quite a good day.  I had a fantastic time at work.  Everyone pitched in and got some cup cakes and some fruit and cheese.  It was lots of fun.  I’m going out this Friday night as well.  Something I’m really looking forward to.  I didn’t get anything for my birthday.  Mum and Dad have insisted that I think of something that I want but I am for once feeling content with everything that I have.  I have never felt like this in my life.  I can’t think of anything I need or want that would make anything better than what it already is.  It is hard to describe.  But I am happy. 

Lachie starts back at School next week and Callum commences this week.  I can’t believe how fast they have grown.  The Twins start Kinder next week aslso.  There are going to be tears all round.  I still find it hard to believe that I am the Mother of a Teenager!  Eeek!  I’m so proud of my kids and how they’re turning out.  They never fail to amaze me with everything that they do.  I love them.

I am getting ready for my third relay for life :) I’m really looking forward to it this year.  It’s going to be a fantastic night.  We have a great team so far and I’m hoping to raise lots of money for the Cancer Council.  I walk in honour of my Nanna who passed away on the 20th of July 2011.  She put up such a strong fight and I am proud of her and miss her a lot.  If you’re able to sponsor me, please do so here…

In the coming weeks, I am also going to put some quilts up for Auction that my Aunty made.  They will be put on Ebay and any money raised will go toward my stair climb fundraiser which is also in support of the Cancer Council. 

 A few people have asked me do I watch the biggest loser.  No, I don’t.  I used to but I find a lot of it so wrong.  I do agree that if one person is able to find help through watching it and motivates them to lose weight, that’s fantastic but I find that their methods are unrealistic and they’re more interested in the game than what they are helping people.  It is a shame that this show that used to inspire me now makes me so annoyed that I couldn’t even watch the first episode.  I hope that the contestants do well and I wish them all the best for a healthy and happier future.

I also had someone Email the other week suggesting that I start doing some video blogging.  Hmmm… I’ll think about it :)

Hope everyone has an awesome week xo


  1. Hi there - in regards to your thoughts about seeing a psychologist/counsellor, I would highly recommend it. Being morbidly obese, and then skinny, and now morbidly obese again, I realised that it's not about the physical, but more about the emotional. You need to explore that part of yourself (I have just started this journey), as I believe that this is where the secret of weight loss lies. Also, read an absolutely fantastic book called "Eating By The Light of The Moon" by Dr Anita Johnston, which has been very enlightening and inspiring. You can get it from book depository ( for about $18 delivered.

  2. Hi, I think seeing a counsellor or similar is a great idea too.
    We can diet and exercise and try our best, but if the old brain is running a negative campaign on us for some reason unknown, then it needs to be addressed.
    If our feet stopped us with the wrong shoes, we'd get some new ones, so I guess our thoughts/fears/childhood imbedded reactions and behaviours that seem to sabotage us are like the wrong shoes!
    I have to totally agree with you about the name calling. My surname inspires similar sorts of pathetic comments and all I can think is "wow, you must have been up all last night thinking up that 'witty' comment mate....NOT !!"
    You are sounding so positive in your achievements and goals too, great incentive for me to keep at it too.

  3. Catherine is still up to her old tricks? Quite sad. She needs to let go. She does it to everyone who has ever tried to help her. Don't let her get you down. So not worth it x

  4. "I can’t think of anything I need or want that would make anything better than what it already is. It is hard to describe. But I am happy." What a wonderful thing to read!! :)
    Also, definitely recommend a therapist (to EVERYONE) - it's so great to offload once in a while, even if you feel you don't need it. I personally opt for hypnotherapy (as I find it relaxing). Good luck with it :)