Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Back to 172.1kg :) 4.3kg lost in the past fortnight

I was very pleased today.  I weighed in at 172.1kg which means I've lost 4.3kg in the past fortnight.  I'm wrapped. 

Like I said yesterday, my eating is back on track.  This morning for breakfast I had coffee and a peach.  For lunch I had a premium biscuit (like saladas) with cheese and vegemite and a nectarine and for dinner I'm having some vegetables.  I've done quite well with my water intake again today but had a tiny headache.

I was SO happy today.  Not only did I have a fantastic loss on the scales but I also maanged to get a photo of all my Children with Santa :) I was so pleased that the twins would sit with him as they wouldn't have a bit of it last year but today, they wouldn't sit on Santa's knee but Charlotte negotiated the seating arrangements with David.  Charlotte ended up on Lachlan's knee and David ended up on Callum's.  And Dog was being squeezed tight the whole time.

I have to say that I have the most gorgeous kids in the whole world.  I'm so proud of them.

One of my friends also drew my attention to the fact that I have been Wikified!  It's a bit exciting! 

I'm not sure how Wikipedia works - there is 1 or 2 things that aren't totally correct on there and I want to fix them up.  I wonder if I'm allowed to?

My clothing order arrived today from and I am wrapped with all the items I ordered.  I have one of the dresses on and it is gorgeous.  David has never seen me in a dress before and said 'who are you, Mum?'.  It was so cute.  I is going to be fantastic for summer.  I think perhaps I should have ordered a size down but, I shall know for next time when I place an order.  I wonder what I'm going to wear tomorrow?  I need to make a rule - I am not allowed to buy any more clothes until I have rid my cupboard of the things that I no longer wear.  I have been saying that for weeks.  I have a week of before Christmas and a week off when School goes back so perhaps is then the time to rejuvenate my wardrobe.  It won't know what's hit it!


  1. It will be great when you are back at the gym.

    Imagine how much it will be next time you get weighed after you have been exercising.

    It is great you are back with it.

    Pleased for you.

  2. Hi is your name on Twitter 'iamabeetle'

  3. Hi there :) yes, it is iamabeetle feel free to follow :)

  4. Very cute kids! Santa must be boiling!
    Well done on your loss.