Sunday, November 13, 2011

4 more sleeps...

Firstly, I 'd like to say a huge thank you to the wonderful messages of support and encouragement I have received over the past few days as a result of my appearence on Today Tonight. 

I was very pleased with what they put together.  I found it interesting to watch the footage they took in July and compare it to the stuff they filmed on Friday.  I've changed so much.

One question I have asked of me is am I scared of the back lash of speaking out again?  No, not at all.  When you are standing up for something you believe in, you'll take the good with the bad.  I've said it a few times - once I have reached my goal weight, I will continue to support the fat acceptance movement and promote healthy living.  Thank you once again xo

4 more sleeps until my 1st Bandversary!  I am a bit excited.  Not sure how I am going to celebrate it yet.  Hopefully whatever, I do, I have some restriction in my band.  I am getting a bit sick of having no restriction.  Like I've said, I've enjoyed my little holiday and have indulged in the simple things in life like Chicken and Bread but, I am really ready to have it put back in.  I might even ask Dr Winnett if once every year I can have some fill removed so I can relax a little.

I am not sure what I am more nervous about - finding out how much I weigh or finding if I am abe to have a fill after he's seen the scans from my swallow thingy.

This weekend has been rather non eventful.  I worked yesterday and then followed that up by going to the beach.  I had a fantastic time running away from waves with the kids.  It was a bit cold and a bit windy but we didn't let that stop us.  Today, I have just cleaned.  I didn't make it to the gym like I first hoped as I've had the kids all day.  I am definatly going to go a few times this week to make up for my slackness!

Things are going really well at the moment.  Life is not so up and down as it was a few weeks ago.  I know once I start exercising and counting my KJ again, I should feel more balanced.  I have done well with my eating in the past few days.  I haven't had a very good reaction to the shakes again.  They make me feel sick.  I think they would do that to anyone after spending so long on them like I did in the initial stages.

Hope everyone has had a good weekend :)

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  1. wow, an 80 kilogram loss is to be celebrated, and to be working on motivating yourself to achieve more is also to be celebrated. Congratulations and thanks for the honest and inspiring blog.
    You looked so lovely on the Today Tonight segment, and thank you for being able to speak for the rest of us trying to lose large amounts of weight too.