Monday, November 7, 2011

Yarra Ranges Relay for LIfe 2011

I had a wonderful night last night doing my second Relay for Life. 

We got there just over an hour late and my clever Sister (Sarah aka Da) ad set up the Gazebo.  We put the tent up and were all ready to go. 

There was such a buzz around the place.  There were a lot more people than what there were at the Melton one that we did in April.  There was such a buzz around the place - the atmosphere was amazing.  It was a beautiful night and was actually quite warm.  Last year, Callum was amazing and this year was no different.  He did more laps than any of us!  He started the relay off.  Da went next and my Father and Poppa went afterwards.  We were doing about 3 laps of the oval each. 

Mum made some sausage rolls and some cupcakes which were devoured throughout the night and there were sausage sizzles and other things going on around the place.  So much food!  Not good for someone who has put on a few kilos in the last few weeks!  I didn't eat as much as I thought I would.  I actually didn't have as much to drink as what I thought I would either.  I did stay up all night although in saying that, I did have a little nap but didn't managed to have about 15 minutes of sleep.

I am 30 kilograms lighter than what I was when I did the Relay for Life in April and it certainly made a difference.  I didn't do nearly as much walking as what I did in April but, I was able to walk a lot faster and more comfortably than what I did in April.  My relay for life top fot me as well which was a bonus.

Today I am exhausted!  I got home at 11ish and slept until about 5 and the last hour and a bit that I have been up for have felt like a lifetime!  When I woke Callum up, I told him that it was time to go to School as last year he thought that it was morning and not late afternoon!  I said I'd run him a bath and he'd feel better after that.  After convincing me that he was too tired to go to School, I told him that he could have dinner instead and go back to bed again in a few hours!  That got him up. 

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I had a fantastic time and look forward to particpating in the next one in Melton.  It is an awesome event to be a part of :)


  1. do you find this hard to do because your so big

  2. I wouldn't know what it's like to do being small so, I imagine that it would be a lot easier if I wasn't so big! My next one is early next year so, I am sure I'll notice a difference between now and then. Watch this space!

  3. Perhaps you would lose more weight if you kicked the red bull. Don't post pictures yourself eating stuff that's obviously bad for you if you're trying to be taken seriously, stupid bitch.

  4. It's the first time I have ever had a red bull! And it was a sugar free one at that. Seriously, why bother attacking me? Do you really find your life that un-fulfilling that you feel the need to come on here and have a go at me? I write about people like you often. And I'll leave your comment up here so others can see how silly you look. Thank's for the encouragement! People like you not only make me sick but also make me motivated to work harder.

  5. Have u even read what this girl has done? Ur the stupid bitch. Ignorant fool. Pit a name to your post next time keyboard hero.

  6. I wonder I this person has ever done a relay? You need a lot more than a red bull to get through it - sugar free or not. Pathetic.