Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Half the battle...

I have my eating under control finally!  2 weeks after my fill and I can safely say that I am back onto remembering to eat slowly, enjoy my food and chew, chew, chew! 

My headache has eased.  I drank so much water yesterday and did the same today.  I have made it a rule that everyime I start talking to someone, I have a drink.  This can be a bit difficult if I am on the phone to a Client as I don't want to make my gurgling noise after I've had a sip to drink.  I have been bringing a water bottle with me everywhere I go and have been working on my 2 litres a day.  I'm very pleased :)

Today for breakfast, I had a Coffee and a Yoghurt.  For lunch I had a Salad and for dinner, I had half a taco which to my suprise has remained 'down'.  I normally throw mince up but, I chewed it so much.

I see Dr Winnett tomorrow.  I am not sure how much I have lost, I know I've lost something.  I can feel it.  I also have a lot more energy.

Eating is only half the battle.  I am still not exercising.  Other than the fact I am finding it really hard to fit in to my new routine, I simply can't be bothered!  I am sure over the next week or 2 when everything settles down, I'll be back at the gym or climbing up stairs.  I need to do something as I am unfit although in saying that, I am feeling so much better than what I did this time last year!

Today was quite warm in Melbourne.  Summer is certainly close!  I am waiting for the clothes that I ordered to come in.  I can't wait to try on the dresses that I bought.  I'll put those clothing links up tonight - I couldn't get to them the other night as there was a problem with the forum.

This time of year is so busy.  I don't know where to start when looking at my Calander.  I commence working full time as of next week and will be doing Overtime on Saturdays so for the next month or so, I won't have a life!  I have Christmas concerts, the Chreche Christmas party, the work Christmas party, Christmas drinks here and there and I am still yet to put together the menu for Christmas day!  Last year I did quite well at making most of the food band friendly.  I'll have to see how I go this year.

This week has been a lot more positive for me.  I have had a few ups and downs over the past few weeks.  Life is never going to stop throwing curve balls at me but, changing the way I deal with them plays a big part.  I'm amazed at how much I've 'grown up' over the past year.  And although some of the thoughts I have in regard to morals and values and responsibilites haven't changed, the way I deal with things have.  And I'm proud of this.  And I am going to go far as a result. 

Tomorrow, I am taking the kids to get their photo taken with Santa.  The Twins wouldn't sit with Santa last year!  I hope that they do this year.  It's the first time in 12 years that I haven't had a Santa photo of my gorgeous Cherubs.  And I might even get a start on my Christmas cards tomorrow.  So much to do - so little time!

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