Friday, November 11, 2011

Scales and Barium swallows...

I didn't get to make it to the gym last night as I had no one to watch the kids.  I did a vigerous work out of folding and washing clothes though (if that counts for anything). 

A few things happened this morning.  I weighed myself.  It's saying I'm 168kg.  I did it twice and the 1st said 167.8kg and the second said 171kg so, I evened it out.  I have my appointment with Doctor Winnett on Wednesday next week so, all will be revealed then I suppose.  I have never trusted my scales but, I know I've put something on whilst I've had no restriction - I now just need to work out how much it is...

I also had my barium swallow today.  I am not sure how that went.  I will also get the results of that on Wednesday when I see Doctor Winnett. I'm not really nervous.  I suppose I just want to know if I need to have surgery again or not.  I'll worry about it if (and when) I need to.

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