Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Clothing links

I've put something up like this in the past but this list was complied by a group of people on one of the forums I am a member of. 

They are links for places where you can get plus sized clothes and the companies have been tried and tested and have great feedback and high recommendation from those who use them.

Enjoy :)

www.yoursclothing.co.uk - this site has some wonderful specials.  I placed an order last night and can't wait for them to arrive!  Check this site out for sure.  The price of postage is very reasonable as well.  One of the ladies who used this site said it took 10 days for her order to arrive which is fantastic (mine should be here any day now in that case!).

www.swakdesigns.com - I've used this company several times and they have some wonderful dresses there at the moment.  They offer free postage if you purchase over $50 (which is easy to do!) and their items are of high quality.  I have noticed that they haven't had as much variety as what they used to but they are still worth a look.  They have a fair bit of stuff on here and have some fantstic specials.

www.oldnavy.com - I LOVE old navy things - the only thing I don't like is the cost of postage.  $75 last time I wanted to put an order in (the order was around about $400 made up of kids clothes and clothes for me).  I did order from them once when they had a special on postage and it only cost me $25.  Their singlets are fantastic and they have a great rating system where you can read feedback on what other buyers thought of the product covering such things as length, quality and overall fit.  The quality is fantastic.  I just wish they would drop their postage!  They would have a very happy (and frequently purchasing) Customer.

www.holyclothing.com - I was so impressed when I saw this website :) they have some gorgeous clothes on here and although a lot of them aren't the style that I would purchase, so much thought has gone into the design and presentation of these clothes.  There are so many pretty, flowing skirts and dresses on this website.  They specailise in gypsy, boho and pesant style.  There are so many prettty things.  Check it out.

www.bigtimeclothing.com.au - this online store is wonderful if you are having a hard time finding clothes anyhwere that fit.  They go up to a size 50.  I got the pair of pants that I lived in for 2 years on this website.  They have all types of clothing on here and do have a few younger styles.  They are of fantastic quality and are made to last.  They used to have an outlet in Dandenong but are now only available online.  Their customer service is second to none and although I am happy that I no longer need to shop here as I have options, I am so glad they were there for me when I did need them.  Highly recommended.

www.plussizedclothing.com.au - I have never used this website but, I have heard some fantastic things about it.  I am on their mailing list and do get notifications of their specials.  I am just yet to purchase something from there!  They have some fantastic stuff available with some styles going up to a size 36.

www.autographfashion.com.au - Autograph (fomally known as 1626) have got some really nice stuff.  They also have some fantastic specials.  I still find that a lot of their styles run small but, they seem to be getting a lot better and have got a few singlets in a size 28.  They have got some lovely dresses at the moment.

www.mysize.com.au - My Size has improved a lot over the years.  I don't think they are targeting the 'older' plus sized community anymore.  I remember perciving it at an old ladies store but I have managed to find some really nice things on their site at quite reasonable prices. 

www.lisaslacies.com.au - I can't speak highly enough of Lisa's Lacies.  They have such a fantastic range of underwear.  You are bound to find something that fits you here.  If you are local, go and get fitted but if you're not, you're able to send them your measurements and they'll find you something to suit.  I have purchased from them countless times and have always been impressed.

www.curvyisbeautiful.com.au - I have never used this site but it was mentioned on the banding together forum and has some wonderful things on it.  I actually noticed that they sell a few things from some of the stores that are mentioned above (some things that are out of stock from the store mentioned above!) so, if you're looking for that special something and can't find it anywhere else, you might just find it here!

There are so many more out there.  Please feel free to add your link as a comment - you don't know how valuable a list like this can be to some people.

I look forward to the additions!


  1. www.virtushop.com.au are good

    www.dreamdiva.com.au are also good

    www.volupture.com.au have a lot of clothes from SWAK on them but are good

    www.ts14plus.com.au are also good but run small

  2. http://fatgirlslikeniceclothestoo.wordpress.com/

    is a great blog and has lots and LOTS of stores listed for clothes far far too may to list so check it out :D

  3. This is such a helpful page. Thank you.