Saturday, August 27, 2011


The subject heading is used with all due respect!  I just wanted to provide a list of fantastic people who I am following on Twitter!

I first started using Twitter after I appeared in Mx.  It’s amazing how many people want to be your friend on Facebook once you’ve had your 15 minutes of fame!  I started using Twitter so that those who want to read up on my activities can do so without viewing the rest of my private life! 

Here are some of the amazing people I follow (in no particular order…) and I have taken their ‘about me’ also and added it below so you can see what they’re about :)

@fatheffalump - Living with fattitude!

@weightloss_web - Our goal is to inform you of as many weightloss options available

@HAEScoach - Health at Every Size (HAES) & Wellness Coach. Quals: BSc (HumBiol), Post Grad Dip (SocSc), currently studying Masters (Nut & Dietetics)

@TheWeightSaint - The Official Richard Simmons Twitter!

@fatfeistyfemme - Fat / Body Image Activist, and campus speaker. Founder of FatGirl Speaks, The Fat Experience Project,, DykeTees.Com and TechnoDyke.Com.

@withoutscene - SOC & WOST grad student, fat, feminist, queer, social justice oriented-gal. Internet extrovert. Personal blogs: AND

@TheMommyologist - Parenting humor blogger who is bringing Mom Sexy back. Freelance writer for Babble & CBS CT. I also like to believe that I invented the Crystal Light martini.

@elizabeth__o - Nova Scotia, CanadaI'll probably tweet about feminism, body politics, social justice, tea, cats, clothes, books, and music.

@_FatWaitress_  - Detroit, MIAn idealistic diatribe written by a fat feminist.

@axisoffat - Brisbane, Queensland, AustraliFat, fancy and frothing at the mouth

@cyenne40 - Melbourne, AustraliaSupport, information and advice for problem gamblers. Advocating gambling reform NOW. (...oh, and other stuff too)

@awesomefrances - Sydney, AustraliaI'M A BIG FAT DYNAMO.
@whoozqueen - MelbourneCrafter, Plus Size Fashion Advocate, casual photographer and a lover of witty banter.

@TheRotund - Orlando, FLWriter, Editor, Maker

@AbigailNussey - MassachusettsSci fi writer, soprano, size activist, and scientist with degrees in math and physics writing her first and second novels.

@katejames - Melbourne, AustraliaI'm a writer, editor, whistler, skeptic, happy fatty.

@definatalie - Gold Coast, AustraliaI am fat, foul mouthed and use caps lock a lot.

@Nicholosophy - Gold Coast, AustraliaNicholosophy is a way of life. I write how technology, politics, and fat acceptance / body image play a role in my life.

@mymilkspilt - Australiateacher, mother, shirker of housework, feminist, blogger, lactivist, fond of biscuits and sweet black tea. living fat and mildly frantic in melbourne australia

@ChubRepublicMel - Fatties taking over the world, one fatshion swap at a time.

@FatStigma - A Global Initiative@doc_samantha @mymilkspilt @awesomefrances @red3blog linking you to material related to fat shame and stigma #fatstigma

@Doc_Samantha - MelbourneSenior researcher and Public Health Sociologist @ Monash Marketing. If I wasn't on twitter so much I would be a Professor by now.

So start following – you might learn something :)

P.S - my Twitter user ID is @iamabeetle and if you have anyone that you're following that is interesting, feel free to add them here :)

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