Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Do you want sauce with that?

I’ve had a good day today.  It’s been rather productive.

I went to the Gym and had my PT.  Michael had increased the weight on the bar that I use for my lunges and squats by 10kg.  I don’t feel it too much now but I know I am going to tomorrow.  He got me to push him up and down the gym (ouch) – it’s sort of like a long hip and shoulder thing and after doing it for a long time, you can really feel it.

Then off to the Bakery to get some lunch.  I ordered 3 Sausage Rolls, 1 Chicken and Vegetable pie, 1 steak and mushroom pie and 1 steak and cheese pie.  I also had 2 drinks on the Counter and stood waiting whilst the lady got the things from the pie warmer.  A Man came up behind me and asked me quite loudly ‘are you buying for a small army or just yourself, love’.  About 3 or 4 people in the Bakery sniggered and I commented to the lady serving me on how rude some people are  to feel the need to comment on other people’s orders.  We got chatting and she told me how she goes to the gym every day and has been for several years however, as she pointed out ‘you’d never guess it’.  I told her that I had just come back from my PT session at the gym and I’ve lost around 70kg in just under a year but, you wouldn’t know that unless you knew me.  She then recognised me from Today Tonight and we continued to have a bit of a rant about people’s manners (or lack of).

Then off to the Lake.  Charlotte bought her bike and Dave bought his Scooter.  It has been such a beautiful day.  We walked around the lake and fed the ducks some bread and then played on the Playground for a while.  It was quite relaxing and enjoyable.  I chased David (which I think he still finds rather amusing) and I think Charlotte realised how much of a challenge riding her scooter actually is when it’s not up and down the hall way.

I’m feeling a lot better today.  I’m off to work tomorrow.  I need to go shopping tonight and fill the Cupboards and fridge – I hate it when everyone eats everything but I suppose that is what it’s there for!


  1. By the way - the things were not for me :) other than the Chicken and Vegetable pie which I take the Chicken out of anyway and don't eat the Pastry... peas, carrots and mushy pie filling for me :)

  2. Ugh, what a prick. I'd have mashed the boiling hot pie into his crotch if he'd said that to me.

  3. Perhaps you should have said you'd eat him too :)