Friday, August 5, 2011

Ow. My Abs :/

I have abs.  Under all that fat, there are some hiding under there.  And they ACHE!  Ouch. 

I found that I am not able to do sit ups because of my band so, I had to sit in the most uncomfortable position – half laying down.  And my natural reaction was to hold onto my tracksuit pants so that I had a bit of leverage but that was not allowed.  I was then laughing so hard that it hurt and distracted me from what I was doing!  Hmmm.  It was funny then but it is not now.

Michael said we were going to do some skipping – I haven’t skipped since I was in Primary School and I wondered how this would work considering I’d probably knock myself in the face with my boobs :/ instead, he got the rope and wrapped it around me and I dragged him across the gym floor.  It was hard work.  And I worked up such a sweat.  I also did some push ups today.  I whinged throughout my whole session.  I enjoyed it but, I am a whinging bitch today anyway and I always warn him of that but today I was worse than normal because my calf is still sore.  He showed me some stretches to do so that it stops hurting asap.

I purchased ‘just dance’ for Wii yesterday. OMG!  It is the best game!  If you haven’t bought it, I highly recommend that you do.  It is so much fun and gives you the best work out.  I am going to buy number 2 today.  I have a few fitness games now.  I can see that it’s going to be very valuable tool for my fitness regime especially considering I had to have the air conditioner on today because I was working so hard!  I can’t wait to have another go and look forward to being able to do the leg moves as well once my leg isn’t so sore.

I completed some more of my module last night for my certificate IV in Fitness.  I am learning heaps.  I am looking forward to Monday’s lecture.  I am amazed that I have found the time to do any of my Homework!  Lucky I have 2 days off per week!

Off to work today.  I’m up bright and early.  I even managed to squeeze in an episode of Neighbours.  I’m so organised today!  TGIF!

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