Monday, August 15, 2011

Winds of change...

I don’t know what it is but, change is in the air (trying to do that dodgy whistle from that song ‘wind of change’ but it’s not really working…).  I have quite a good 6th sense and for the past few days, I feel that something is going to happen but I am not sure what!

Today, I went back to work after a week of not being there.  I had so much work to do.  I got in at 7am and left just before 5pm.  I was pleased to get through a lot of stuff that has been sitting there for a while.  It felt good to know that I might be pretty close to up to date with my cases by the end of the week (if I work my butt off, that is!). 

When I got home, I had found that my new toy arrived –my heart rate monitor :) I took it with me to my Course (which is in the same building as my Gym) as I intended on doing some exercise (if time permitted).  Tonight, was the 3rd week of the 16 week course.  We learnt about the respiratory system.  We also had a quiz that I am pleased to announce I passed with flying colours.  I haven’t done any study for a while so quizzes and tests are a bit daunting but when I found that I knew the answers to ‘name 5 functions of the bones’ and ‘explain the difference between fast twitch and slow twitch fibres’, I was stoked. 

After the lecture, I went into the gym to try out my heart rate monitor.  I had already set it up whilst waiting for the lecture to begin.  I strapped myself into the chest belt thingy and off I went.  I am pleased to report that I did a total of 25 minutes and 22 seconds of exercise (well, that is what I remembered to record anyway) and during that time, I burnt 161 calories and I got my heart rate up to 168 beats per minute and averaged around about 149 beats per minute.  I also worked out my VO2 max to be 25.  I am going to get a lot out of having my watch as my training partner.  It will take a bit of getting used to (the watch part) as I haven’t worn a watch for years and years!  I am actually quite pleased as I think the watch looks more hot pink than purple and hot pink is my favourite colour :)

I’m going to start working 4 days a week as of next week.  I am going to have a Wednesday off.  It will take a bit of getting used to.  I am defiantly going to start using the stairs as a work out now as I won’t have as much time to go the gym (unless I’m really organised and go first thing in the morning!).  It will take a bit of getting used to but it will be good. 

I have my next appointment with Dr Winnett on the 1st of September.  I think I may have mentioned this.  I did a predictor on my ‘target weight’ app and if I keep going the way I am going, I should be 100kg by the 6.10.2012.  That would be amazing.  That’s a little over a year away.  That would mean that I would have lost 143kg.  I am so pleased that I am having such fantastic results.  I am working So hard for them though but, it’s worth every drop of sweat, ache and late night or early start.  I am so pleased with how I’m going.

I’m off to bed – I am exhausted!  Hope everyone had a fantastic Monday!

Oh, congrats to Bec on losing 7.6kg in 3 weeks.  I am so proud of her!  And to my friend who had gastric sleeve Surgery a few months ago – she has lost 33kg in around 3 months.  I am amazed at her progress.  Some of my other friends are doing wonderfully well on their weight loss missions – I’ll need to get updates on their weights and report :)

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  1. Honey I just wanted to say I have spent 4 days reading your blog, I just wanted you to know Im so very very proud of you!! Good on you for making a difference Stephanie!!! You WILL get there in the end, Big hugs coming your way!! and Im looking forward to being there with you every step of the way xxxx