Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Just dance...

 So, I am feeling a bit sore and sorry for myself. 

I pulled up quite well after my PT session yesterday.  My butt is a bit sore as is my right calf however, I soldiered on and went to the gym tonight.  It was such a gorgeous day and I intended on doing my run outside but, the darkness came quicker than I expected so I hit the treadmill to do my couch to 5k run at the Gym whilst Brad watched the boys do their swimming.

I managed to do 2.92km in 30 minutes.  There was a total of 8 minutes of running (in between walking) and it almost killed me.  I was so sweaty!  Bianca was on the bike and I swore it was her but didn’t want to go and say hi just in case I’d misjudged her for a distance!  I can’t see anything when I don’t have my glasses on and I’ve made some very embarrassing mistakes because of it!  We compared sweatiness and both agreed that it was very stuffy in there, probably because of the beautiful day that we had enjoyed (well, those of us not stuck 15 floors up…).

I didn’t get the chance to do any stretches after my running and now my right calf is SO SORE.  I have an ice pack on it at the moment which seems to be making it feel a bit better.  I am sure it’s going to cramp up tonight.  I’ll have another shower before I go to bed and hope that does something for it...

I have decided that I am going to buy ‘just dance’ for my Wii.  I am not a good dancer although I do enjoy it.  I had a go at dancing tonight.  I have choreographed a dance to ‘who’s that chick’ and I started to do it.  Davey told me to stop, the Dog started barking at me and Lachie wanted to put me up on You Tube.  I must have looked quite terrible.  I feel wonderful when I dance and although I probably do look quite odd it is a great form of exercerise so tomorrow, I shall go and hunt down ‘just dance’ and I shall do just that :)

I took my August photos at work today.  I am wearing my ‘next step down’ pants.  I am not convinced.  Not at all.  I can’t wear the other pants as they fall down and look awful.  These pants are a bit tight however, they are not as tight as what they used to be.  They do make me look a bit slimmer I think – from the front anyway.  I am still not pleased with my side.

I am still working on losing my 10kg in the next 6 weeks.  I ate quite well today and have managed to drink 2 litres of water today.  I’d love to know how much I’ve dropped since the stair climb.  Surely I would have lost something after that! 

I have a PT tomorrow.  I will probably arrive half an hour early to get some stuff in as I have Parent teacher Interviews tomorrow afternoon.  I also want to have a go at boxing tomorrow night.  It’s something I’ve wanted to have a go at for a while.  It’s going to be a tough choice between that and aqua.  I’ll have to have a think...

Hope everyone is well.  Happy hump day :)

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  1. Steph honey, just dance like no one is watching, and you don't care if they do anyway! ;)