Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Day 24

I had a relaxing day today.  I've spent most of the day thinking about food so, I've had to find distractions.

Shopping was a good distraction!  I grabbed a sample of the white chocolate scone from Baker's delight and I gave it to the babies.  Charlotte didn't want hers and I ate it (it was a very small sample).  It was SO yum.  I walked away quite quickly so that I didn't buy some!

The babies aren't well at the moment.  It's been quite a challenge to look after them today as they're so grumpy! 

I've got my 'moving forward' lunch coming up on Saturday.  When I booked the date for my surgery, I decided I wanted to have a lunch with my friends and family.  I'm really looking forward to having a salad with those I love.

I've got my sleep study booked.  I need to be at the Hospital on Monday at around 7pm and I get discharged at 7.30am on the Tuesday (uurrgghh - early mornings).  I wonder what they will discover?!?!  I wouldn't be surprised if I do have sleep apnoea.  I hope I have a good sleep at least.  I can't imagine it will be fantastic given the fact I'll have wires strapped all over me.  I still have to have the blood gas testing as well.  I should probably get that organised for tomorrow :/ at least I don't feel as though I am going to cry when it's done like I thought I would last week.  Suck it up, yeah?

I was going to go to the gym today when I felt like eating but I couldn't go in the end because of the babies being sick.  I'm going to go tonight and I'll stay for an hour.  I'm feeling very optimistic about Monday's weigh in :) i think I'm going to do really well this week.  I'm still aiming to be under 200kg come surgery time.  I know it's a tough ask but I think that it's achievable.

Today I have resisted those REALLY yummy scones, milo, chocolate big M, KFC (I STILL feel like that - not sure why!), INDIAN (I wish I could forget about the Indian!), danish fetta, freshly squeezed orange juice - it's funny when you can't have things, they all seem to be wanted more and more!

Oh, thank you to Linda for reminding me that it's okay to treat myself with a wine every now and again xoxo

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