Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Day 30

Still no hot water... I've only just got back from the Hospital and we've got someone coming out this morning to quote the supply and installation of a unit along with just the installation of one as I think Dad can get one a bit cheaper than what this company will be able to quote us on.

I had my sleep study last night.  I arrived at the Western Hospital at around about 7.30pm.  I was introduced one of the sleep technicians.  She asked me to get into my Pyjamas and then she'd proceed with hooking me up with the wires.  OMG!  I looked like something from a science fiction movie.

It was SO uncomfortable at first but I did manage to get used to it.  I had one of the blue band things around my waist as well along with 4 wire things attached to my legs (2 on each).  All of the wires were plugged into a data recorder.

I was actually surprised that I slept quite well (I admit that I took 2 sleeping tablets to assist in this happening!).  Before I went to sleep, they put one of those things on my finger that measure your oxygen levels as well and to ensure that I didn't knock it off, I rested my arm on the bedside table.

The sleep technicians were lovely.  I had bought 2 books in with me as I intended to start either one of them but, I spent most of the time chatting to the sleep technicians!  They answered all of my questions about why I was there and why it was so important to determine if I have sleep apnoea prior to having my surgery. 

The sleep technician came in at about 3am as the prongs had come out of my nose and one of the wires and come off my head and then she came in again at 6am to wake me up.  I had a shower (I'm happy that they have hot water!  lol), a Coffee, my shake and then I headed home.  I'll get the results of the test when I see Doctor Goldin next Friday. 

I'm going to go to the gym today.  I'm feeling a bit down.  I'm not sure why.  It could be because of all the things that have happened over the last few weeks.  They might be starting to get to me.  I think a nice walk will help.  I might even have a swim.  I just want to be somewhere in my own space, where the time is mine and I don't have to think.  Not sure if that makes sense...

It would be great to lock myself up in a bubble for the next month so that nothing can get to me prior to surgery so that I am as mentally and physically ready as what I'll ever be :) I don't think there's a bubble big enough!


  1. u looked hot ;)
    hope u didnt talk and stuff in ur sleep lol

  2. hi steph, my name is kate!

    someone that knew u recommended i read ur blog for some inspiration to continue my journey of weight loss.
    i must say, i loved every bit of it and cant wait for you to continue writing... i noticed the last entry was a few days ago now and hope that you havent stopped writing and only taking a break!

    ive had the gastric banding done 2yrs ago now and i still struggle to this day to come to terms with it! im not sure if u know of anyone else with the band, but im happy to answer any questions that u may have about the whole thing, if u are unsure and want someone that has had the band in for some time advice? (if u would call it that)

    well if i dont hear from you, then i hope to continue to read ur blog and ur success with weight loss! cant wait.

    regards, Kate. :)