Friday, September 3, 2010

Day 26 - this is HARD

OMG this is SO hard! 

Today has been a real struggle.  The morning started off fine - I had a shake at around 11.  I ended up trying the Optifast soup and didn't prepare it properly and it tasted like CRAP.  I felt like throwing up after I'd had it (although surprisingly, it filled me up quite quickly).  I had a salad for dinner but haven't had my shake yet.  I feel full and content.

I am sick of the cravings.  Things that I shouldn't have but want.  Butter chicken, Big Macs, KFC, Naan bread, Red Rooster, enchiladas, NACHOS, champagne, bacon, eggs, souvlaki, dim sims, subway, cashew nuts, dried apricots, milo, jam, nutella, porky bits FFS!  I feel like I'm writing a shopping list to bring on a heart attack!

It's really hard sticking to the shake diet.  It doesn't get easier although you do get used to it.  I have found that I go off track when I'm not writing things down.  It's really important to write what you have down as it keeps you honest.  At the end of the day, all I want to see in that book is 3 shakes and 2 cups of leafy greens along with 2 liters of fluids.  If that's all it says, I know I've done well.

I have a wonderful day coming up tomorrow.  It's my 'moving forward' lunch.  I invited family and my close friends some time ago to join me for lunch to celebrate the fact that I am turning a new leaf.  I can't wait to see everyone.  I really want to say something but I have no idea what to say.  I am very bad at speeches but, It's a momentous occasion - a celebration of what I hope to achieve not only during the next month but for the rest of my life.  Health and happiness.

Tomorrow is also an important day because the Hawks are going to kick Fremantle's butt in the Footy to take us on the road to the finals!  CARN THE HAWKS!  Sorry Rach xoxo

I've already worked out what I am going to have - a shake and leafy greens!

It's time I thought about heading to bed - Lachlan is on his way home from his first blue light disco!  I hope he had a fantastic time.  I'm staying up until he gets home so I can see how he went. 

Temptations resisted today - too many to mention.  I don't want to think about all the things I thought about eating today.  The page is not big enough!

3 sleeps until weigh day!  :) I'm going to hit the gym HARD tomorrow and Sunday :)

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