Thursday, September 2, 2010

Day 25 - a day of rest

I can't believe that I spent most of the day sleeping today!  I guess I needed the rest.

I got up at 11.30, had my Optifast bar and went back to bed.  I didn't get up again until 4.30.  It's almost 11 so I'm off to bed after I've finished writing my blog.  I don't want to waste the fact that I have caught up on my lost sleep!

I did forget that I had an appointment with my dietitian today (because I slept through it!).  I'll have to give them a call and re book for next week.

Today has been good - thank God for Cottees Lime Coola diet Cordial.  I have been drinking that all day.  I had a shake for lunch and a shake for dinner along with a cup of broccoli and a cup of leek.  I LOVE the smell of steamed leek.  It was gorgeous.

I heard back from APRA about my Superannuation claim - I won't have an answer from them until the 27th of September.  It takes some time for them to make a decision if they're going to release the funds early or not.  I wish I'd been able to put the application form in a lot sooner.  I should have the money in time for my Surgery if not, I'll take some from the savings and replace it when my Super is released.  If anyone is wanting to go down that path (drawing from your Super), go to and check out the forms and FAQ's.

I didn't go to the Gym today however, I will go tomorrow.  I am hoping to swim after I've walked and done my other things.  I think swimming will be nice to relax my muscles.

See - not a lot happened today but, I'm on track which is the important thing.  I'm feeling quite excited about the fact the surgery is almost within my reach!  It's 33 days away. I've got a lot of work to do before then. 

Temptations resisted today - Chicken Kiev, pies, sausage rolls, I HAVE WANTED A BIG MAC ALL DAY BUT HAVEN'T HAD ONE!, I STILL want butter chicken (that's really starting to annoy me now), strawberry yogurt, cheese and the new round cherry ripe!

Oh, and I'm pleased to announce that I've had 1,789 hits!  Thank you everyone xoxo

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  1. hey Steph, have you tried cooking Indian for the others then while you can smell it. sit down and eat you greens with your eyes closed using your imagination to turn the greens into indian? I've heard it can work if you want it to!