Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Twas the night before weigh in

It's weigh day tomorrow.

I haven't been best behaved over the last few weeks and I feel that it's caught up on me. 

Apart from the fact my period is due (which makes weight fluctuate), I weighed myself on Monday as that's when I started my proper eating plan.

When I weighed myself, I was 201.4kg :/

I have been keeping a record of what I have been eating and it's going really well  This is what I did at the start of my journey when I was on the Optifast.  I am using 'the pocket food and exercise diary' which can be substituted for a blank exercise book.  It has enough space to record 10 weeks of your food intake, fluid intake, exercise and weight.

Today, I had 1 cup of Special K, 1 cup of Milk, 1 barocca, 1 iron melt, maybe a tablespoon of a ham and salad roll, 1/4 of a home made chicken parma, 1/2 a cup of carrot, 1/2 a cup of broccoli, 2 glasses of wine and a small piece of chocolate cake (it was Lachie's 12th birthday today).

When taking a look at my diary, there are 2 things missing - I haven't had enough water (I only had 2 glasses) and I didn't exercise.  I ate better today than I did yesterday but once again, I didn't exercise nor did I have enough to drink.  I will work on both of these things tomorrow.

I did intend on walking with the kids today.  The babies were in the pram and the boys had their bikes and just as we were just about to leave, it started to rain.  It kept going on and off all day so exercise didn't happen today.  Or yesterday.

I really start need making the time to go the gym.  I haven't been in so long.  It is just so hard to make that time when I have so many other things to do.  I will get it happening, it's just a matter of when...

Shall let you know what the scales say tomorrow morning... hope that they are nicer to me than what they were on Monday...

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