Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hi ho, hi ho...

It was back to work for me today... work reopened yesterday (we were closed from 12pm on Christmas Eve last year).  It was SO busy.  I was on phones first up (but only for 2 hours) and my first call was a really complicated one.  The Client was quite annoyed.  I managed to sort out his problem so the call ended well.  I then had another angry Client a few calls later who was IRATE!  It was quite hard to explain things to her as she kept talking over me.  I ended up being able to help her but, it took about 40 minutes to do so!

It's nice to be home :)

I weighed myself this morning - I am 198.4kg.  I lost 200gm! At least it is a loss.  I haven't done anything to earn more than 200gm as I haven't been very well behaved when it has come to food and exercise over the past few days.  I seriously have no motivation.  I should be working a lot a harder but, I just don't seem interested in doing so at the moment.  I have lost my mojo and I need to find where I left it...

I am at the point where a lot of people who are losing weight get to - they pay their gym fees and they don't go.  They don't lose anything as they are not doing anything to do so.  And for some reason, I seem content with that which is not a good thing.  I know the moment will pass but I need to find something that will help me spring into action...

I have had some great feedback from my Surgery photos.  I am so pleased that everyone who has (and is game) enough to look at them!  As mentioned, they are like the ones that you'd see on any medical show.  They are internal shots.  A few of my work colleagues have seen them (one of the girls are really squeamish) and she said she didn't find them to be that bad.

Hope everyone is well and is almost writing 2011 instead of 2010!

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