Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A week goes by too fast

It was only today that I realised I haven't written my blog for a week.  And it was only today that I realised that I don't write when I am not doing.  Which is pretty much what has been happening.  I have not been concentrating on doing what I should be doing the way I'd like to be.

How hard is it?  To exercise for half an hour a day and make sure I drink plenty of water?  They are really the only 2 things that I need to get under control.

I am eating really well.  I have been having small, nutritious meals (does Chocolate count?) and I have been making conscious decisions to not have certain foods when the cravings arise such as pizza, crisps, lollies, salad dressings and cheeses that are not so good. I''ve been really good with writing down my foods that I have been eating - it' just now a matter of getting these 2 litres of fluid down and the half an hour of exercise in per day.

Tomorrow, I will go for a walk at lunch time.  I am working Overtime tomorrow night so I have a dinner break of half an hour as well.  I'll go for a walk then as well. 

I still haven't been back to the gym since just after I had surgery.  Another thing on my 'to do' list.

Now that I write down what I've been doing, thing don't sound so bad.

It's weigh day tomorrow!  I shall put down the details sooner rather than later this time, I promise.

On another note - I just saw a preview for a new TV show that is starting on 9.  It's called 'Mike and Molly''.  It's described as a big comedy.  The reason for this?  The 2 main characters are overweight. 

It really pisses me off how the only time you see overweight people on TV is on shows like 'the biggest loser', weight loss commercials (the before shot) or the progress of weight loss with companies that endorse their products using celebrities (like Jenny Craig are at the moment with Chrissy and Magda) or when there's a sitcom about overweight people such as this Mick and Molly show..

Hey, I'm all for laughing and I really enjoy some American Sitcoms but the previews that I have seen so far have shown moments that I have gone through myself such as putting your hand on a piece of furniture to lean on it and it falling out from underneath you due to your weight or walking on a treadmill as people tempt you with cake or fried chicken.  I dunno.  It just annoys me how bigger people are portrayed.  It's never for who they really are and what's inside, it's for others to laugh at them and at moments that have been experienced by a lot of overweight people that weren't laughing but were actually crying.

One commercial shows Molly sitting down on a chair and it broke underneath her.  That's happened to me plenty of times.  When it happens, I can't put into words how it feels but it's not a laughing matter.  And it upsets me that some of the most upsetting moments that I have gone through (and many of those around me) has been turned into a sitcom. 

Most recently, I was looking for somewhere to go away this coming weekend to celebrate my birthday.  When picking a place to stay, everyone has their list of what they would like to have - perhaps a spa in the room, a late check out, an included breakfast, mini bar - the first thing I think about is if the bed is going to be strong enough.

I stayed at a Caravan Park a few years ago.  We decided to stay there due to the fact that it was SO hot and our air conditioner just wasn't cutting it.  We looked up a place to stay close by so I could come home and refill our Pet's water.  We stayed there for 2 nights.  On the first night, I sat on the edge of the bed and it broke. The wheel came out from underneath it as the wood had snapped underneath it.  The same happened just before the babies were born - I broke the bed.  Brad and I spent a month or so on the Mattress on the floor before we went and got a new bed.  We ended up getting a sleep number as it takes both of our weight and I'm not scared to sit on it as it's not going to break. 

I look forward to when I don't have to worry about where I stay due to the fact I might break the bed.  I was worried about breaking the beds at Mum's house when I have stayed there.  And I can't lay on David's bed as I have broken it before.  I hate it how I have to kneel on the floor to comfort him.  I want to cuddle him and be close to him - not kneeling on the floor.  And watching a sitcom with hundreds of examples like the one above makes me cringe.

These things will all change over time and I can't wait until I do.  These are the sorts of things that keep me on track.  This is what will get me walking tomorrow and drinking that water. 

I hope everyone is staying safe at the moment.  The conditions that some people in are horrible.  My thoughts are all with those who are affected xo

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  1. Thank you for your honesty. It makes me feel like I am not alone.