Saturday, July 11, 2015

Who wears short shorts? I wear short shorts.

First things first.  The last few days have been pretty tough since I had my lap band filled.  I have found it hard to keep some things down but each day has been getting better.  I ended up taking 2 days off work due to the fact that each time I drank something, half of it would need to be spat out.  Today is much better.  I have been able to eat normally (well, as normally as you can when you have just had a fill!) and I'm happy things seem to be continuing in the direction they should be.  I've also began taking Nexium which is for stomach acid.  I used to take this a few years ago to help with stomach acid.  This has provided a lot of relief. 

I had a bit of a dilemma yesterday.  Both my pairs of gym pants were in the wash and I wanted to go to the gym before everyone got home.  I had just folded a pair of bike pants that I wear around the house.  I decided that I would venture out to the gym in my bike pants and I am SO glad I did.  No, I don't look the best in them but they are much more comfortable than wearing my gym pants.  I can move around a lot better and I get more done.  I'm also not as hot. 

I know that there are a number of people who don't believe bigger people should wear the same sorts of things as what smaller people wear but I don't agree with that.  One of my gorgeous friends taught me a long time ago that you should wear what you are comfortable wearing and f**k whatever anyone else thinks.  Although I had decided I was going to wear them, I ran the thought past some of my friends and the support I had was amazing.  Thank you, lovely ladies (you know who you are) xo I wore them to the gym again today and shall continue to do so.  If people don't like what I look like in them, they shouldn't look.

Muscle pose is for comical purposes only :P I am aware that lots of weightlifters often do this in the mirror.  I failed quite miserably at being funny!

They don't look the best but gosh they're comfortable!
 Yesterday, I did 15 minutes of bike and 15 minutes of treadmill.  Today I decided to mix things up a bit.  Given the fact it's Saturday, there was hardly any one there so I had the front room to myself!  This is the room that the fat blaster class is held in so I just used some of the equipment and made myself a circuit.  I did the following for a minute with a 20 second break in between. 

1. Throwing a 6kg medicine ball in the air
2. Kettle bell squats
3. Push ups against the wall
4. Pull ups
5. Boxing using the punching bag
6. Marching on the spot and getting my knees as high as I can
7. Battle ropes (the really heavy ropes you hold at the end and make them ripple down)
8. Step ups

Once I had finished this, I would go out into the main gym and jump on the cross trainer.  I would go for 5 minutes but would have a 20 second rest and then go as fast as I could for 30 seconds.  I did 3 circuits, 2 lots of cross trainer and then a cool down.  I was WRECKED!  I also did something that I haven't done for a few years.  I ran :) I ran for 30 seconds!  I was so proud of myself.  I look forward to being able to do it for a bit longer each time I try.  Maybe I should try right at the start of my work out before I'm tired next time!

I had my flu shot yesterday and whilst I was there, my Doctor asked if he could weigh me.  I was 184.4kg on his scales.  I'm going to continue to weigh myself using my scales each week (these come up with the same figure as the ones at my Doctors) as I would like to know how well I'm tracking.  I wasn't sure if they were very accurate but they seem to be a kilo or so out so I'll take that! 
I'm really enjoying putting cut up fruit in my water.  I've had a few different suggestions on other things to try today.  Can't wait to put them to the test. 
Happy that I'm still feeling excited and on track.  The 19th of July marks 1 month since I restarted my journey.  Things are good :)


  1. You are AMAZING!!!

  2. Hey sexy legs. Them's not short shorts. Short shorts is ones what show ya crutch.