Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Lots of changes :)

I have had a very busy day today and I am so proud of myself on many counts.

Firstly, I had my monthly appointment with Jason Winnett.  I saw him at around 8.20am.  He was very pleased to see me and is ecstatic that I am back on track.  He weighed me and I weighed 187.2kg.  Just as I thought, my scales are a little bit out as at home I weighed in at 186.6kg.  No big deal.  It just means I'll add a kilo to my weight should I weigh myself at home.

We discussed the topic of surgery again.  I hate this terminology but my 'fatty apron' or 'lower stomach' or as I like to call it my 'fat' is getting in the way of doing things.  I may even dedicate a whole blog to it.  He has suggested that I lose 20kg and then have it removed.  I feel lots of different things about this.  I shall ponder on it and then write about it in the next day or two.

He sent me off for a fill.  I was terrified that my port had flipped again.  He is unable to do fills in his office for a few reasons.  Firstly, my port is on a horrible angle.  It is really hard to get to and many needles have been bent as a result of people trying to put fluid in it.  Secondly, because of my weight, it is quite hard for him to get to.  The length of the needle that he has had to use in the past is terrifying!  And for someone who hates needles, I HATE looking at it!  He sends me to an imaging place in the City where the person giving the fill is able to use an X-ray to locate the port and guide his needle to the right spot.

I drove to the City (gotta love the morning traffic) and I was hoping the man who used to do my fills was there but I am not sure if he works there any more (it has been 2 and a bit years since I got one done).  The bed for the machine is quite scary as there is nothing under it - no legs to hold it up or anything.  It simply sticks out from something and I always worry that it's going to break!  It took the man around 20 minutes and 2 goes to get the fill in.  I had 5ml to begin with and I had an additional .5ml put in.  That doesn't sound like a lot but oh wow, I can feel it!  I sat in the waiting room for 10 minutes to see how it felt before heading off to work. 

The big X-Ray machine that shows the man what he's doing in real time :)

I shall lay and wait patiently!  I was not pleased at this point as I was a bit anxious about the needle :/

All done :)
When I arrived at work, there was food all over my desk as we were having a morning tea.  It smelt SO good!  I couldn't have any of it but it was nice to passive eat!  I just kept sipping water and I had a cup of soup for lunch but made sure I didn't eat any of the noodles, peas or corn as I'm pretty sure that would make me vomit as it would get stuck.

Tonight I had my personal training session.  Neil got me to do some work in the pool.  It is a different type of hard work to doing exercises on the treadmill and the bike.  You feel it a lot more in your muscles.  After a while, everything starts to ache!  I see him again next Tuesday.  As soon as I had finished my PT, I was on a mission to get to fat blaster!  I had 20 minutes!  I ran in the door of my house, dried my hair, got changed out of my wet clothes and ran out the door.  I made it! 

The instructor was pleased to see me.  I made sure I let her know that the reason I didn't do aqua last week wasn't because of her but because I had something else on.  I didn't want her to think I was too sore or she wore me out after the first fat blaster class.  Tonight's class was just as hard as last week.  I started off with throwing a medicine ball in the air and catching it, marched on the spot and used these handles on a rope to pull myself up.  She is amazing.  She has so many ideas on how I can work around the things I can't do.  And when I think about the things I can't do, it's either because it makes my knees hurt or because my tummy (more so my fat) gets in the way.  We went on the cross trainer and had to do 20 seconds as fast as we could with a 20 second break.  I think we did this 8 times but I couldn't tell you.  I was buggered by then I didn't think to count!

2 classes in one night and 2 fat blaster sessions down :)
When I got home, I blended up the soup that I made before leaving (potato and leek), jumped in the shower and now I'm writing this :) I had forgotten how much help the band is in restricting the quantity you eat.  I know that is what it's for but after not having restriction for so long, I am pleased that I made the decision to get it filled.  For those who don't know much about lap band, my band wasn't empty.  I did have some restriction but I shouldn't be able to eat things like bread, sushi, bread rolls, steak and chicken.  I have been able to eat all of that for a few years.  It has to be the right texture but it has gotten through.  Now, even the yogurt I'm eating has totally filled me up and I've only had 3 tea spoons and 5 soup spoons of soup.  Now is the time when I go back to basics.  Multivitamins, calculated meals to make sure I am getting everything I need in the small amount I'm allowed along with the need to be creative in my ideas of what to make. 

So, here we go.  Things are getting serious now!  I'm excited :)

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