Monday, July 20, 2015

Trying to find the sweet spot

A quick blog tonight but I shall write more tomorrow.

The last few days have been a bit of a struggle as I've been struggling to determine if my band is too tight.  For the first few days after my fill, I lived on yogurt, soup and smoothies.  Things settled over the weekend and then last week, I couldn't keep much down again and I kept waking up vomiting stomach acid.  I've been really tired and most of the week due to the fact I'm missing out on a few hours of sleep each night, food and drink but despite this, I've still been able to function as normal.

It's hard to describe what having a band that's too tight feels like but the best thing I can compare it to is a knot in the throat.  You know that feeling you get when you are nervous about something or you've just heard some really bad news and you get this massive knot or lump in your throat?  That's what it feels like.  24/7!  It's a pain!  And very uncomfortable.

Waking up every few hours vomiting isn't fun either.  The acid burns my throat.  Every time I vomit, I have to get up and rinse my mouth out so I end up wide awake!  I've been vomiting every 20 minutes or so today.  And it was the same yesterday.  I had school yesterday and managed to keep things down there but as soon as I was on the way home, my lunch came back up :/

I called Dr Winnett this evening and let him know that I think I need to have some fluid out.  I'm doing that tomorrow.  I'm also going to have a barium swallow (where I drink some revolting liquid and it shows up on an X-Ray - I'll share pictures tomorrow) and he is going to do an upper Endoscopy over the coming weeks just to make sure everything is okay.  He's going to get them to take out .2ml out tomorrow to see if that eases things. 

I shall post an update when I have some news.  I do hope nothing is wrong :) can't wait to have a good nights sleep tomorrow night!

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