Monday, January 16, 2012

200th post! Pleased it's a good one :)

Welcome to my 200th post ;) 200?!?!  I can't believe I've written that much!
I am SO back on track :) I am going to do Opti Fast for 2 weeks.  Today I had an Opti Fast shake for Breakfast, one for lunch and heaps of water (almost 2 litres - 250ml to go to be exact which I sip on as I type).  Today was pretty easy although dinner didn't end up being leafy greens as planned - I have had a small can of Tuna, a tiny bit of lite tasty cheese and some fat free mayonnaise.  I didn't get the chance to go to the shops tonight but I shall be better prepared tomorrow night :)

I also did some exercise tonight (yes Mum, I stayed well hydrated).  A lot of boxing and a mixture of running and walking.  More so running.  I feel sore again but after a nice hot shower, I feel really good.  Will in bed soon.

It's an amazing feeling getting back into things.  I am not sure what switched.  Something.  It just clicked.  And I am happy that it did.  I am feeling very much alive :) something I haven't felt for a few months.  And I know it's going to keep getting better.

It is also nice to be able to add some entries to my exercise blog...
I am going to weigh myself in the morning and see how well I'm doing, I think.  I have decided that there is no point in weighing yourself early if you're not sure of getting a positive result but I can't have been working my butt off for nothing :)

I had a really long, hard day at work today.  I am happy that I have learnt to transfer that negative feeling into something positive such as exercising :) things are looking good :)

So peoples, 200th post is done :)


  1. OMG!! You are bloody amazing! I don't weigh as much, and at my heaviest didn't weigh what you do now and I never worked as hard as you are. If I'd gotten off my lazy behind I may have moved mine faster!! Steph you make me laugh, cry, shake my head in wonder and just generally admire you!! Keep up the awesome work because if you help half the people I think you will so many are going to benefit as well as you. I'm so glad we are friends ;-))

  2. You are unstoppable!

    You go girl!