Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Back at the gym :)

It feels so good to be back at the gym!  I started off by doing 10 minutes on the treadmill, 8 minutes on the cross trainer and 10 minutes on the bike.  I wasn't tired so I thought I would do another 10 minutes on the cross trainer and I am glad I did as afterward, I felt awful (but awesome).  I plan on doing the same tomorrow before I leave for work but I'll increase the activities by a few minutes each to ease myself in. 

Me at 162BPM

I feel so much better after my pity party yesterday.  It wasn't a pity party of sorts.  It was more of a shock at how bad things had gotten.  I've taken before photos several times before but everything has changed since the last one that I took. Today, I called my Surgeon's office and made an appointment to see him in December.  I won't get a fill (I'm quite happy with how I am at the moment).  Although I don't have a lot of restriction, in the past I've found that my band takes a fair while to settle down.  Not something I want to have to deal with right before Christmas.  I'll also get the referral from him for the Plastic Surgeon to discuss my excess skin removal so I can get rid of my 'fat'.  I will be able to move so much more easily with it gone and I'll be able to do so much more.  I know it's a fair way off but it's something I am looking forward to.

I posted on Instagram for the first time in a long time today (my IG is movingforwardlookingforward) and one of my followers said that each time they 'tidied up' their Instagram contacts, they hesitated to delete me as it felt as though they were writing me off.  It is nice that others have had faith in me even when I haven't but like I said on Instagram today, perhaps I haven't always kept on going but one thing I haven't done is give up.  And I won't do that.  

Things are swimming along nicely and I'm enjoying that feeling of achievement :)

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