Saturday, September 10, 2011


As you may know, for the past few weeks, I have struggled with food going down.  Dr Winnett took some fluid out of the band just over a week ago  and this seemed to help a bit for the first few days but after that, I have hardly been able to keep a thing down.  Things other than shakes, water and jellies that is.  It has been a struggle.  And hasn’t been a lot of fun.

I haven’t had a lot of energy to go and do a lot because I haven’t been keeping much down and I have been quite irritable.  I imagine that this is my body’s way of saying ‘feed me’.  I’ve had a lot of suggestions from a lot of people ranging from ‘don’t have yoghurt or butter as it’s dairy’ to ‘have maxalon as it will make you feel better’ but, it’s not an illness that I have so I can eat all the dairy I want and maxalon won’t make a different as it’s possible that there is something wrong with my band… I have a Gastroscopy arranged for Monday and it can’t come quick enough.

I remember when I was reading up about the band, I came across something saying that if your band was either too tight or to loose, you would end up eating the wrong this.  This is so true.  When it’s loose, pretty much ANYTHING will go down!  Mine was like this after I had my Surgery up until I had my first fill.  I was enjoying steak, bread (including bread rolls), pizza crust – things that shouldn’t get past the band but do when you don’t have enough fluid.  Now that it’s too tight, I am scrounging for things that I can eat.  My faves so far are a few teaspoons of Pavlova and cream or mushed up strawberries.  These foods do not give me the required amount of nutrients per meal but they do taste good and they don’t make me vomit!

I’m not really worried about what the outcome will be on Monday after I have had the Gastroscopy.  I am aware that my band may have slipped which may mean I’ll need surgery to fix it.  Like I said, I am not worried about the outcome of what Monday will bring – more just getting it fixed.  I’ve been quite bad over the last few days where I have considered going to Hospital to be hydrated.  I feel SO icky.

So, there’s my whine.  I don’t have a lot to say other than the above!  I’ll keep you updated on what happens on Monday.  Fingers crossed things are good.  I think what might happen (and I have read it happening in other cases) is they remove some of the fluid to see if it fixes itself up.  I suppose I’ll know more come time after the procedure has been completed.

Feel free to ask any questions you may have – I am lucky to have had no bumps in the road so far during my journey – let’s hope it continues to be that way!

Steph xo


  1. Can you get some pictures when you have your scope done?

  2. Thinking of you!! Hopefully it's all okay and you still just have too much fill and removing some more will help. Look after yourself.


  3. How do you know when you have probs with the band?