Sunday, September 18, 2011

Hanging out for Wednesday...

Hope everyone has been having a good weekend :) it’s been wonderful weather.  I’ve been lucky enough to lap some of it up – mainly whilst hanging clothes on the line!  Other than that, I have spent most of the time inside cleaning!  
The liquid diet is going quite well.  It’s been hard to stick to.  I see Dr Winnett on Wednesday and hope that he has some solutions for my tinsy problem.  A lot of people have asked me if I am anxious about the possibility of having more surgery.  To be honest, no I’m not.  When I had my Surgery in November last year, I weighed around 220kg.  I am now around the 165kg mark.  The most dangerous part of my Surgery was the actual banding procedure itself and part of the reason why was because of my weight.  Considering I’ve lost almost 60kg since then, the risks of anything majorly going wrong have dropped dramatically.  And the major things were the things that I was worried about most of all when I had the surgery initially (major being death!).

I’ve had a few people tell me of their experiences with a small pouch.  One person had their band removed and then replaced a month later.  Another had all of the fluid from their band taken out and the problem fixed itself.  Another person decided to get rid of their band all together and go for a more permanent solution (gastric sleeve). 

It’s not much fun not being able to eat anything.  It’s like I am on the ‘pre banding’ diet I was on at the beginning but in saying that, I have been mixing it up a bit.  I have been having mainly Sustagen when I’m at work and I’ve having the Isagenix shakes at home.  I prefer the Isagenix as they’re not as sweet as the Sustagen and they fill me up more as they are quite bulky.  I am going to weigh myself tomorrow morning and see how much I’ve lost in the 2 weeks that I haven’t really been eating.  In saying that, I’ve actually been having  more KJ intake than what I normally do due to the shakes that I’ve been having.  If anything, I may have hit a plateau in my weight loss for the moment due to the fact that I’ve been able to track (and have had to) keep track of everything I’ve eating (or should I say sucked on or drank) to make sure that I am keeping on track.

Brendan took me to a bike shop the other day where they sell gels for bike riders so they can get a hit of energy.  I had one of these on Thursday and Friday.  If it weren’t for them, I may have fallen asleep at work!  I was SO tired!  I have a few of them left at work.  They are a very hard jelly consistency.  They are quite nice.  They are sickly sweet though and you need to drink a fair bit of water when you have them.  They are a mini lifesaver though. They are called ‘Eundura sports nutrition’.  They have about 500kj in them.

I have put up my September front and side photos a little late!  This month has gone so fast.  I did take these at the start of September.  I also need to take my measurements as well which I will do some time this week.

I really felt like having a glass of wine this afternoon – must be the Weather!  I had a dance instead.  I reckon I burned just as many KJ as what would have been in the wine that I was going to consume.  I am proud of myself :) I might have it tonight though if I still feel like it…

Hope everyone has a great week :)

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