Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I don't select! I'm too fat!

I need to whinge... I did have a good day so, for those who are sick of my whinging, I shall title each paragraph with what it is about so you can choose what to read! 

NON WHINGE - MY NEW CAR! - I got my car today :) it was wonderful to pick it up.  I picked it up at 2pm.  The Twins were so excited.  They are so comfortable in it and there is so much room.  It is lovely to drive and I got a reversing sensor installed which I am sure will come in handy.  I got it tinted as well.  It's so pretty.  I just need to think of a name for it.  It will be nice for the other one to have a bit of a rest.  I'll clean it out and make it all pretty and get some of the things that need repairing fixed.

WHINGE - REAL INSURANCE - I am trying to get income protection insurance.  I am going to name names as I am not being rude about them, I am just unsure about their screening process and policy.  I spoke to Real Insurance.  I gave them all my personal details (address, income etc...) and then they asked me for some further information.  They asked me questions about drinking, smoking, height and then weight - as soon as I told him how much I weigh, he informed me that they would not be able to offer me the insurance as my BMI is over 32.  I said I was prepared to go for a medcial however, he informed me they don't do medicals, they just assess people over the phone.  I was so cross.  Not at him but, the policy.  I pointed out to him that a lot of healthy and fit people would not be able to have their income protection insurance as they would be over the maximum BMI.  I asked if I could leave feedback and he informed me I was being recorded so, I let it rip!  I probably spoke uninterrupted for 2 minutes.  When I got off the phone, I started to cry.  I'd need to be 120kg to be able to get income protection insurance through them. 

MORE WHINGE - ABOUT ISELECT THIS TIME - iSelect then phoned me.  I had lodged an enquiry with them online last night.  They phoned about an hour after I had gotten off the phone to Real Insurance.  I advised him of BMI before he even started asking questions about my income.  He informed me that he was quite sure they wouldn't be able to offer me anything.  I said I had to go (I was at a play centre and Charlotte had fallen over) and I hung up the phone.  He phoned me back 5 minutes later and informed me that none of their providers (all 5 of them) would offer me Insurance because of my weight.  I had a small rant but didn't want to waste my breath.  He did suggest I phone the people I have my Superannuation with to see if they can offer anything.  I might just do that.

KIND OF WHINGE - MY SMALL POUCH - Blah.  My small pouch is starting to become a big problem. I can't eat.  Well, I can eat really small amounts of very soft things.  If it doesn't disolve in my mouth, there is no point in swallowing it.  I am feeling sick.  I am moody.  I am so up and down.  It is horrible at the moment.  Dr Winnett's receptionist phoned me today and I am booked in for an appointment next Wednesday.  I wonder if I am going to last that long... I am dizzy and dehydrated.  I am trying to keep going but it's getting difficult.  I am just wanting a resolution - I don't care what it is, I just don't want to keep feeling like this.

WHINGE - BROKEN LAP TOP - The Boys broke my lap top.  I went to do my Homework on it last night, opened it up and it had been stood on.  I am so annoyed.  I bought a new on but it's not the same - my other lap top was like home :( I don't have word or anything on this one so, I'll have to make do for the moment.  I might get the screen fixed on the broken one and let the Boys have it.  This one is MINE!  I have a password they'll never guess on it :)

I hope everyone is well :) I'm sorry to vent.  I guess having a blog is great as you can let it all out - on day, I might let it ALL out and really show how 'days of our lives' my life can be! 

I shall take my fat, un insured butt to bed and have a rest so I'm not grumpy tomorrow!

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  1. I cant believe they wont insure you!! Thats a JOKE!!
    Hopefully your superannuation company can *Fingers Crossed*