Wednesday, March 6, 2013

P.S body - we're doing it again tomorrow...

First of all, I'd like to thank everyone once again for enquiring as to how I have been over the past week.  I'm 8 days post op and I am feeling fantastic.

I changed my dressing on the weekend to a new one but ended up taking it all off other than the steri strips as it was irritating me although most of the strips have fallen off now.  My wound is looking lovely :) well, as lovely as a wound can look.  I haven't had any pain killers for 2 days now (of any kind - endone, panadol etc...). 

Dr Winnett's handy work

I just got back from doing my first class at Melton Fernwood.  I chose to do spin bike.  Ouch.  My bum.  My legs.  My quads.  And my bum again.  It was so good to do half an hour of gruelling exercise that knowing how good it was for me put me off my dinner (literally).  Anything that hurts that much is not worth undoing with wrong carbs and a sugary drink.  Instead, I had an Optifast shake and shall drink heaps of water to keep me content throughout the evening.  I am going to do BodyPump in the morning.  Don't tell me that though - as my body may change it's mind!

One of my friends asked where I get my motivation from.  If you are a regular reader of my blog, you'd probably know that I don't know the answer to that as like anyone, I have many CBF moments and times where I just try and ignore what is going on but I think tonight I worked out where some of it comes from.  It's when you find something that you enjoy doing more than what you're already doing.  I enjoy getting a sore bum and legs and quads and sweating bucket loads in a cycle class more than I do not being able to put a seat belt on.  I enjoy being around like minding people who are all there for the same thing and don't care what you look like rather than sitting at home with no motivation.  It's a no brainer really.  And next time I lose my motivation, I need to read this and give myself a good kick up the butt as I am going to see this year out with massive changes. 

Someone also said to me the other day about how much weight I have put on since my last surgery.  Sure, I put on around 30 kilograms.  But hey - I've still lost 50 kilograms.  It's seeing the good things and the things that you should be proud of rather than the bad things.

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