Thursday, March 7, 2013

Big, fat slug

Today I did Body Pump for the first time in about 5 years.  It was awesome.

For those who are not familiar with body pump, it's an hour long exercise session where you work on your back, butt, quads, biceps, triceps - everything.  There's lots of squats, lunges, lifts and It's done to music and is really intense.  When I used to be at Fernwood, I was the Body Pump QUEEN!  I was awesome.  Today, not so much.

I used smaller weights today so that I could just get used to the technique before going up a notch but within the first 5 minutes, I was almost ready to walk out the door because I was SO tired!  There was so much getting up and getting down.  I drank almost 1.5 liters of water during the class as I was working so hard.  And because I was so sweaty, the only thing I can really imagine I would have looked like is a big fat slug!  I felt like Jabba the Hutt when we were doing some of the weights as my chin was stuck into my chest!  I managed to get through the whole session and was a tiny bit sore afterwards, more so now that it is night and my muscles are having time to do what they do best. 

I have my first PT session in a few weeks which I am really looking forward to.  I have told her that I will do whatever it takes.  

I am considering doing cycle again tomorrow morning or I will be doing step in the afternoon.  Not sure which one yet but so long as I do one class per weekday, I will be keeping on track.

I made these really nice lean meatballs for dinner tonight.  They were full of chicken, carrot, onion, herbs - I loved them but the younger kids weren't so sure (anything with carrot in it is normally a no no for them).

I see Jason Winnett next Wednesday.  And I want to be under 200kg.  I hope I am.  I am working towards it but as long as I know that I am doing my best to achieve my goal, that is all I can do :)

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