Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Still sore but I'm getting there...

I am really sore.  I have really bad shoulder tip pain and I didn't have this last time that I had surgery.  It is awful.  I have had it for days now.  It doesn't come and go - it's always there in one way or another but the pain does increase and decrease.  I don't even have to be doing anything for it to do that.

 I phoned Dr Winnett's rooms this morning and she said to me to try some Peppermint Tea.  I have had 2 cups of it and the first cup made me hiccup.  Hiccupping hurts SO MUCH.  I was in tears.  The second cup made it worse.  I have also had some degas which was also suggested and that has done nothing.

I went to see my Doctor this afternoon and he prescribed me some more pain killers and some more anti biotics.

My wounds have healed up really well except for the fact that I end up with red welts all around the outside of them due to the dressings that have been used there.  I have been prescribed some cream as they are rather nasty.  For some reason, no sticky stuff likes me!

I am so happy the Surgey is over though.  Had I have not been experiencing these things, I'd probably consider going back to work tomorrow but I don't want to sit there and not be able to get comfortable.  At least at home I have the luxuary of picking the bed or the couch or a stool to sit on and I can have a shower if need be which seems to help more than tea or degas for the pain at the moment. 

I started reading 'eating in the light of the moon' last night.  I got through the first few pages before I fell asleep from being exhausted (I was up until 2am this morning because of the pain).  The start of it is very well written.  I look forward to reading some more of it this evening.

I tried going for a small walk this afternoon but didn't have much luck!  I was sore after it - mainly due to the shoulder tip pain but other than that, I am doing well for not even a week after Surgery.  I have been writing my weight down each morning and am dropping almost a kilo a day!  It has been lovely.  I can't wait to see the numbers when I'm up and exercising.  I am really looking forward to saying goodbye to this last lot of weight.  There isn't a lot that is going to stop me.

I am also undertaking quite a huge physical task in July.  I shall write more about it in the next few weeks once all the details have been finalised.  I am very excited.  It's bigger than anything I have ever done and even bigger than what I'd dare to dream.  It was all my Sister's idea and I am lucky she asked me to come along for the ride.  Watch this space :)

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