Tuesday, December 6, 2011

No chocolate so far for 13 hours and 44 minutes and counting

I haven't had any Chocolate for 13 hours and 44 minutes - well, more if you count the time I spent sleeping it would be more than that.

I bought myself some apple purree (baby food!) and had 2 servings of that - I need to be careful as there are around 200kj per serve. 

Around lunch time, I had a headache.  When I came back upstairs, I gave Daniel all of my Chocolate.  I had some chocolate cake rolls (weight watchers) stashed in my bottom drawer from yesterday.  I also gave him the remainder of my chocolate ball things that I handed out with my Christmas cards.  Anything chocolate that was unopened was given to him.  I have kept my milo at my desk (I don't yet see this as a risk) and my Optifast shakes and Sustagen drinks don't count (yes, they are chocolate but they are a different kind).  Thank you, Daniel :)

I still haven't done any exercise - I still don't have any energy as such as I've been so busy.  I have been getting a lot of fresh air and making sure I have my afternoon dose of Sunshine in the afternoon.

So, day 1 of no Chocolate is nearly over :) and I'm quite pleased with my efforts.  I don't plan on giving up Chocolate forever - I just hope to have it in smaller quantities.  I might go to bed early so I don't have to battle my normal later on in the night cravings :)


  1. Hey Steph! Thanks for the chocolate, it went to a good home. While it is nice inheriting your chocolate, what I get most out of it is watching you succeed. See you at the office - DANIEL :-))

  2. How do you do it?

    You are doing so well. You are going in leaps and bounds and I am amazed and proud.

  3. Stephanie you are one of the most inspirational people I know.

    I read your blog often as I find it so helpful. I am very heavy and have a problem with my weight and am considering surgery but can not find someone who will perform the surgery for me as I am too heavy it would not be safe.

    I am stunned at how much weight you have lost and commend you on your efforts on maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

    Keep it up.