Monday, October 10, 2011

Dedicated to Lachie...

We all have them - the days where we simply CBF doing what we know we should be doing.  In my case, tonight it was going to the gym.  Now that I have no fill and I can eat a lot more than I have been able to in the past year, it is SO important that I work out whenever I can.  And tonight, if it weren't for my eldest Son, Lachie, I would not have gone.

Lachie is now officially a member of my Gym :) I signed him up last week to start today.  I have been setting a fine example for all of the Children for the past year about how important regular exercise and correct eating habits are and although I've had the best intentions of doing more exercise with them all, it's been a bit hard due to time constraints so, I thought it would be a good idea to sign Lachie up at the Gym.

He has been nagging me since yesterday to go.  I told him that we'd go tonight.  I got an SMS at around 4.30 asking if we could go to the Gym and I said yes.  When I got home, he asked what time we'd be going and I said 'when Dad gets home'.  'When Dad gets home' turned into 'after I've gotten tea' and in the end, we left as everyone was about to have dinner.

He did SO well.  We did 5 minutes of cross trainer, 10 minutes of treadmill (which included a minute of running) and 10 minutes on the bike.  We did a few weights - I started him on some really light upper body exercises (pull downs and a seated row) and then onto push ups.  We did a cool down and got home about half an hour ago. 

I have thanked him about 20 times for motivating me to go to the gym.  If it weren't for him, I wouldn't have gone.  I know that without doubt.   I'm going to get him an exercise book and write down what he's done each time he goes.  He thinks it's funny that his Mother is his 'Personal Trainer' in the making (literally) but, I don't want him to go through what I've gone through.  Living life like this is hard.  And if I can get him interested and motivated, hopefully he'll never experience what I have.

I was amazed at his dedication tonight - he was walking the same pace as I was (on double the incline).  I know that at the moment, it's a novelty for him (just like it is for all of us when we join the gym) but, I hope that by mixing it up, he'll enjoy going and it will become part of our routine.  I am going to get him to come 3 times a week with me and shall write out a program with him after I've worked out what he enjoys (and doesn't enjoy).  I'm really looking forward to watching him achieve some goals.  I am proud of him.  And I know that he is proud of me. 

Thank you, Lachie.  I love you so much xoxo

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  1. this was almost 2 weeks ago now? are you exercising still? with no fluid in the band are you dieting or have you given up? would be sad if you had after all the hard work you have done. But you have to remember how you got so large and that if you dont keep up with it while there is no fluid it will all come back and then some! hope you blog soon and let everyone know whats going on with your journey. "Avid Follower"