Saturday, July 28, 2012

Fill 'er up...

Thursday is looming closer and I'm looking forward to it.  I am booked in for my fill and I'm looking forward to it.

My biggest concern is standing on the Scales.  I am not sure how much I have put on and given the fact BB (my scales) are incorrect, I shall await the verdict from Dr Winnett and whatever it is, I shall post up here and work back down. 

I am actually really nervous about having my fill.  Not the needle part or anything like that.  It's more so the fact that I'll have to get used to the diet of a bandit again.  I know that once I get back on the band wagon (pardon the pun), I'll feel a lot better within a few weeks, if not days. 

I've been out of the game in the last week due to an infection.  I have such a sore throat.  But I've picked up in the last few days and will be back to work on Monday.

I can't believe that it was a year ago that I climbed the stairs!  I know I would struggle to manage a few flights of stairs at the moment with the state that I'm in.  I am looking forward to changing this over the next few weeks.

I've said it before but it's hard to come out and be so honest and upfront about what is going on.  I'll look back in a few years once I've reached my goal and know that everyone has ups and downs and I suppose I am pleased that I am in the position to be able to help others in the same position and give a realistic insight to the life of someone who is overweight and struggles with the ups and downs that go with it.

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