Thursday, August 13, 2015

Doctors, laser tag, barium and asshats

I'm SO pleased that I have my computer back to type on!  When I typed my last blog, I was on my phone in the waiting room at my Surgeon's office.  I shall not take my keyboard for granted again.

I've had an eventful few weeks and we could even stretch that out to a few months.  First I had all the issues regarding my band and vomiting etc... but the past few weeks I've been struggling with headaches and migraines.  I am pleased to report that for 3/4 of the day today, I have not had any pain at all.  I hope it continues to stay like this.  I took advantage of my mostly pain free day and took the twins bowling and to laser tag.  They had a curriculum day today.  I love my babies.  Sorry about the picture size - it's not letting me shrink it for some reason!

I am not sure what brings my migraines on.  I have tried to pin point what the cause is.  When I get one, I start thinking back to what I've been doing, eating and drinking to try and put my finger on why they start.  I have had MRIs, CT scans and other numerous tests in an attempt to work out where they come from but none of the tests have come up with anything other than the fact that everything is normal.  This is good but also frustrating.  I went to the Hospital a week and a half ago and the treatment they normally administer didn't go to plan.  I reacted adversely to the drugs that they give over a period of time so it's no longer an option for me to have that treatment anymore.  I am stuck between a rock and a hard place.  I have been given some new medication to try but it hasn't done anything as yet.  Now that I'm headache free again (13 days later), I can continue on with my life as normal which brings me to my next medical drama, my Gastroscopy and my barium swallow.

Everything is PERFECT!  The band is in the perfect position, I have nothing interesting going on in my stomach and all the biopsies came back normal.  It's all systems go.  I said to Dr Winnett what I mentioned in my last blog - I am quite enjoying being able to have a variety of food at the moment.  I am still continuing to lose weight but it's good to be able to enjoy a steak or a piece of chicken without worrying about vomiting.  I see him in a month so I believe that I may have a small fill then but at this point, I shall remain at 4.2ml until Dr Winnett suggests otherwise!  He was very pleased with my progress thus far.

I made my appointment with the plastic surgeon yesterday.  I am so nervous!  Nervous but excited.  I see him in a few weeks.  I am looking forward to seeing some of his work and finding out when it's possible for me to do this!  Dr Winnett has said in 20kg time.  That was 7kg ago!  I am getting closer quite quickly!  I have had a read of his website and information and I can't believe that this may actually happen.  Sooner than I thought!  I shall keep you posted.

I went to the gym tonight for the first time in 2 weeks.  I had my personal training session and I also did aqua aerobics.  I was excited to feel my FatBit buzz on my wrist when I made it to my step goal!  I haven't made it to my goal for a few weeks now.  I see Neil (my personal trainer) again in a week and we'll have a double session to make up for the fact that I wasn't able to attend last week.  I really missed the gym.  I aim to get up tomorrow morning at 5am and head on in.  Given the fact that it's 10.30pm almost, I am going to be pushing it as I LOVE my sleep!

Tonight whilst I was at the gym, I was on the exercise bike.  There were 2 men over in the area adjacent to me and they were pointing and laughing.  They then proceeded to take a photo.  I know it was a photo of me as the flash went off.  They continued laughing to one another until they noticed that I was watching.  This has made me VERY angry.  Yes, I am fat.  Yes, I do look funny on the exercise bike.  Yes, I do wobble everywhere and yes, I do sweat (just like everyone else) but that does not give ANYONE the right to take a photo of me.  I am going to speak to the manager of the gym about it tomorrow.  I am horrified to think what they are going to do with the photo.  I don't want to end up on a meme.

It's not the first time that I have been singled out for my weight.  It was only a little while ago that the kids next door were bullying me but this is different.  Kids are kids.  Adults are supposed to be adults.  But I'm going to keep doing what I'm doing.  I am going to continue to lose my weight.  I am going to push harder than before and reach places I didn't think possible.  People don't know other people's journey.  They don't know their story or what they've been through.  We have no right to judge another person.  I will continue to stick up for myself.  I will take a stand against bullying and I WON'T be deterred by some man who thinks it's funny to take photos of another human being without their permission.

I forgot about weigh day this morning so I shall do that tomorrow.  As you know, I update my weights and exercise log as I go (when I remember!) but I've been a bit slack the last month or so.  I'll try and get around to that over the next few days.  I've had a few people say to me over the last few days how I'm looking like I've lost weight :) it feels good to hear that again.


  1. Obviously, neither of those guys has ever been pulled up as a child and told what's not good behaviour, and what is, probably because they're boys. And no doubt, the parents, just like those of nick kyrgios, would make excuses.

  2. Keep up the great work Stephanie! Let the haters hate. They'll probably want your phone number at the end of your journey!