Sunday, June 21, 2015

I must wear my FatBit, I must wear my FatBit...

So I got my FatBit a week and a half ago.  I planned on wearing it even though I had no intention of increasing my movements just to see how much I don't actually do and today (the first day that I have been out and about since I got it), I left it next to the bathroom sink!  I'm not sure how many steps I did (I wouldn't have reached my 10,000) but I'm cross! 

We went to a park in Gisborne today.  It was FREEZING but there was a great walking track.  I took the dogs for a walk around it with my eldest.  The doggies got so cold!  I am going to have to put their jackets on next time we go.

Baby Milly and I :)

My Pug Dog, Peppa <3 font="">

Baby Rosie :)
I have my first PT session in a few years tomorrow.  I am a bit nervous!  I told the PT over the phone that I have a sore knee at the moment.  I did say that he doesn't need to go easy on me.  I saw him once or twice before I stopped everything so he knows that I will go as hard as I can - no excuses.  I shall write how I go tomorrow (so long as my arms aren't so sore that I can't type!).  I SHALL make sure I bring my FatBit tomorrow!

Today I ate normal food.  I felt a bit queezy from the shakes.  I think that my body remembers what it was like being on them for 8 weeks so long ago!  I bought some bars to eat instead of the shakes so I may do a shake for breakfast, a bar for lunch and a soup for dinner.  I don't want to feel icky again! 

I also think it's time for another fill :) I have an appointment with Dr Winnett next month.  I am certainly in the green zone (my band is the perfect tightness) but I am thinking it's a little too green.  I need a bit more put in and I know that last time I saw Dr Winnett he wrote me up a referral to have some done (which I've lost!) so I may ask him to post it to me so I can get it done this week :) here is a chart that helps you determine which zone you are in.  I've been in the green zone for a while but I've also been in the red zone, so much so I couldn't even swallow water!  That was NOT fun.

For those of you who don't know, the lap band is a band that makes the size of your stomach smaller.  It is done up around your stomach like a watch and a small tube runs from the band to a port which is placed almost between your ribs and belly button under your boob (or chest if you're a boy!).  The port is underneath the skin and is located when you need a fill or when you need fluid removed.  They use a needle to get to the port (the needle is VERY long!) and I'm fortunate that I don't feel the needle go in but some Patients experience a stinging sensation along with pressure when they have theirs done.  I end up with bruises after mine.  I also have to go and get mine done under an XRay due to my size so it's a pain in the bum having to drive into the city each time I need one.  I look forward to when Jason can do it in his rooms like he used to.  I have put up photos in the past of the needle, my puncture marks and my bruises.  I shall post some more next time I go as well!
I want to thank you all once again for the support since 'coming out' :P it's been fantastic to have so many people behind me.  I can't wait until weigh day on Thursday to see how well I've gone.  I know that not everything is in the numbers.  I remember there were months where I worked my butt off and did everything right but never lost anything so, I may not change on the scales but I'm sure I will given the fact I've done pretty much nothing over the last few years.  We shall see...


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