Sunday, February 11, 2018

My pending tummy tuck appointment

Before I start, I would just like to give an advance warning that I am going to be talking about my 'fatty apron' or 'overhang' or 'lower stomach' or whatever you like to call it.  I refer to it as 'my fat' and although I haven't written it yet, this may be uncomfortable for some readers to read so if you're not into reading about a topic such as this, I suggest you click right here where you're be redirected to a picture of a beautiful Pug laying on a pink blanket.

If you're a regular reader of my blog, you know I say it how it is and provide an honest, real life account of my life.  This topic is no different but for some reason I find it a little more touchy to speak about.  I'm not sure why. 

As I have lost more weight, my fat has started to hang down more.  As I've mentioned in one of my previous blogs, it's almost down to my knees.  I can't stand it.  It stops me from doing a lot of things.  Sitting normally doesn't happen as it has to sit between my legs, I don't have a lap as my fat takes up my lap, I can't wear jeans as there is no way they would fit over my pat and when I wear pants, I am so self conscious of it as I know it looks awful.  It's very heavy (anywhere between 15kg - 20kg) and I feel like I'm dragging it around. 

I have an appointment on Tuesday to see a plastic surgeon about getting it removed.  I made this appointment some months ago as I wanted to lose a bit more weight before I saw him.  I have no idea what he's going to recommend or suggest but I am nervous all the same.  The thought of standing in front of someone to show them my fat freaks me out a bit and although I know that he does this for a living and has seen lots and lots of fat, this is my fat and is on me!  

I'm sure that it's obvious that I am not considering this type of surgery for any other reason than medical reasons.  I've been in hospital before with cellulitis because of a sore on my fat.  I was in there for 12 days and I almost died due to blood poisoning.  When I see the surgeon, I'll chat to him about some of my future thoughts such as my inner thighs and my under arms.  As you can imagine, when someone has lost as much weight as I have, your skin sags.  I look like a melted candle when I'm standing in front of the mirror naked!  Whilst I have taken photos, I will only share them once I've had my surgery.  Whilst I love putting everything out there - this is one thing I am embarrassed and ashamed of.  Happy to share pics where you can't see everything even if you can see the outline of things.  

I'm in a tummy tuck group on Facebook and the girls in there have been fantastic and have offered me lots of support, advice and insight into what they have been through but the only problem is I haven't been able to find anyone in that group who has fat as big as mine but it's interesting to hear that many of the girls in the group have said that the pain after they had their tummy tuck was no where near as bad as what having a C-Section was which is comforting to know.  I also know that he will examine my fat, measure it and look at what it does when I'm laying down flat on my back.  

Me being me, I naturally catostrophise and think of every possible scineario (good or bad) for every situation!  I may go in there and he'll tell me that there is nothing he can do until I've lost another x amount of kilograms or he may tell me he can operate next month.  Only time will tell.  I shall write an update on Tuesday!

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